Wednesday, 24 April 2013

High Street Fashion Week Press Penthouse Event, Leicester Square.

BLOGGERS: L-R - Paula, Me, Abi and Gemma at the end of the event.

On Monday night I attended the HSFW Press Penthouse event in London's Leicester Square. I have been eagerly awaiting High Street Fashion Week to arrive and now it has I can't believe it is here!

This fabulous week of celebrating up coming fashion, accessories and jewellery brands kicked off in style with the launch. Gorgeous DJ duo The Glitter Beats provided the soundtrack for the event and a beautiful spring London evening provided the backdrop thanks to the panoramic window view at The Penthouse!

I met up with some other fellow High Street Fashion Week bloggers to attend the event. We had only ever spoken through Twitter so had to have the whole 'What are you wearing?' conversation via text to avoid approaching (and potentially scaring) total strangers! Luckily there were no problems, we all got there on time, found eachother easily and most importantly of all clicked and got on really well!

Cosmopoliton in hand, I eagerly wandered around the venue admiring the different creations of the designers in attendance.  Everyone I got to speak to was extremely friendly and there were some great ranges! So many different, creative and quirky collections from vintage inspired buttons to bright funky jewellery or leather body accessories to be worn over an outfit as an alternative to a belt. So imaginative!

I was really pleased to finally meet up with designers I have been regularly admiring and chatting with over Twitter: The Holiday Boutique, Lillies of the Alley and Elisha Francis. They were all lovely to meet and chat to in person finally! I also met some other lovely designers including Essex based jewellery designer Smeidi who's beautiful bracelets caught my eye straight away. As I have said previously I do love a bracelet!

The event lasted two hours (7pm - 9pm) which flew by. I genuinely couldn't believe it when I checked the time and saw it was already 8.30 and there was only half an hour left of the evening!

All in all, it was a fabulous night and I had a great time and met some great people. It has made me even more excited for attending this weekend, doing some shopping and watching the catwalk show!

Here are just some of the fabulous ranges that were in attendance that evening:

You can read my Q&A with Elisha HERE.

Zoieanne has brought a whole new unique twist to knitwear! Inspired to knit ever since she was a child watching her mum, Zoianne creates bright and colourful pieces that she admits are intricate and time consuming but as you can see are well worth the effort when you look the finished result! I can't wait to see her creations on the catwalk.

Smeidi specialise in unique, contempory jewellery. The founder designs her own lines and they also sell ranges by other jewellery designers too. Bespoke pieces which as you can see are stunning!

You can read my Q&A post with Lillies of the Alley HERE.

I loved how colourful this range was! Funky, bright and fun. Glitzy and Glam want to make fashionable jewellery affordable. There was so much to choose from so I suggest you get clicking onto their website!


You can read my Q&A with The Holiday Boutique HERE.

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