Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Liver-ly Weekend.

I know the weekend already seems as though it was ages ago as you sit at your desk, trawling through emails today, coffee in hand. Yesterday was my Monday though so it's a nice short week for me again this week! (Although is it me or when you have a four day week it actually feels much longer than the usual five days?).
Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
My hubby and I went up to Liverpool early Saturday to visit my brother and sister in law and because he had tickets to watch West Ham play Liverpool at Anfield. We had a very nice weekend indeed.
They are so lucky to live on the Albert Dock and have the most amazing views! Just sitting on their balcony with a bottle of beer can make you feel instantly relaxed and sink into that 'holiday' feeling, even after all this time of visiting.
Saturday to Monday isn't the longest of visits, all in all it worked out we had two full days there as we got there in the afternoon Saturday and left in the afternoon on Monday but managed to pack a few things in.  As soon as we arrived we wandered down to The Pumphouse, my brothers local pub on the dock and had a few beers - needless to say as I hadn't eaten they went straight to my head! Even ordering Pizza didn't help me when we got back to the apartment, I simply wolfed it down then fell asleep on the sofa! Ooops!

Sunday while hubby and sister in law went to watch football, my bro and I went out and about in the city for a wander then for a ten minute drive to a place called Otters Pool, just out from the city but a completely different place to the hustle and bustle. So chilled and tranquil - that was a nice change! Hopefully when we next visit it will be hot and sunny and we can go there again and have a picnic.
Before going out for dinner that evening we just chilled at the flat and then went to Miller and Carter on Albert Dock - their steaks are out of this world!
Monday morning before going home, my bro and I ventured into the city once more for a few bits and then had coffee at Central Perk. I have only been in there twice but it is already one of my favourite places ever because it feels like you are on the 'Friends' set and all they play in there all day every day is of course - Friends! A coffee in there is a must on every trip now!
Next time we go up (we are planning to go there next month too) I want to do a few more cultural things like go to The Beatles Story and the Liverpool Museum, I keep seeing them and pondering as to what they are like and yet have never been to find out, mainly through lack of time but if we are going up for hubby to watch football then once again I will have a day free to do as I please so I will make sure I go!



  1. When you put your outfit post up yesterday, I thought that it was the Albert Dock in the background but then I thought your from Essex so it can't be haha! X

    1. Haha! sorry for the confusion, they let me up north for the weekend! :) xx


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