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Friday, 5 April 2013

Smart phone. Invalid User.

Nowadays, our mobile phones are so much a part of our life that losing it would be like losing an arm. They are not just something we use to call or text our friends anymore oh no no no, they are our camera (then our photo editor) they are a voice recorder, a tablet, a music player, a games console. The list is endless! My phone probably (most likely) does things I don't even know it does. They are bloody amazing. However, despite all this amazing-ness (new word) I sometimes find my phone bloody annoying!

Am I the only one?

Gone are the simple days of the nokia 3310 where the coolest thing you could wow your mates with was a new ringtone. Now phones are little computers and what do computers do? CRASH. When do they crash? Always when you need them most!

I can remember the first time I had a mobile phone and I can even remember who I sent my first text to - my friend Kerry. I thought it was amazing! Now you could send little messages to friends as and when you wanted. It was quick and cheap and it meant your mum wasn't yelling at you to get off the house phone because she needed to use it or someone wanted to go on the internet. It could also be sneaky too so if you were meant to be doing homework or tidying your room you could still chat to people and see what was going on.

Fast forward more than ten years and you can now skype people on your phone for free anywhere in the world, you can video call, you have the internet and social networking. It just seems second nature to IM, text or tweet someone now rather than a phenomenon. As much as I love my phone and couldn't be without it (I have had to be without it lately and it has truly killed me!) I just don't seem to have much luck with them. They seem to freeze, fail, reset, turn off for hours with no reason, stop charging, stop working! ARGH! nightmare! Even more so because I have come to rely on it so much for work and writing.

Over the last week I have had a nightmare with my Samsung Note! Firstly I broke my charger so was using my hubby's to charge mine when he wasn't using it and then all of a sudden the charger stopped working in my phone so while I was waiting for a new charger to arrive I had to put my battery into my husbands phone to charge it (or steal my boss's charger while at work). The new charger arrived today and guess what? I plugged it in and IT DID NOT CHARGE MY PHONE! My hubby found that if the phone is placed at a certain angle then it would charge so obviously there is something wrong with my phone which as you can imagine pleased me no end. There was a happy ending though; I found my husbands shaver charger (he has been looking for it since we moved in October) and it fits in my phone AND charges no problem once put into the old samsung charger plug, so now my new phone charger is my hubby's new shaver charger and his shaver charger is my new phone charger. Confused?!

This isn't the first thing to happen to this phone. Lot's of apps freeze and stop working and sometimes it has turned itself off for hours on end and I have had to take the battery out and put it back in to get it to eventually come on again. I am not dissing the phone, it is a great phone and I had exactly the same problem with my Iphone, it never worked properly from the moment I had it. My menu button never worked first time, the screen froze and it switched itself off. Again, I am not dissing the phone - I think the problem is we rely on them too much nowadays!

A lot of people have their phone in their hands so often it feels second nature and to be without it feels like your undressed in public. We do so much on our phones and expect them to work and keep up with the speed we want to use them at:

'Oooh, I will just check twitter....no hold on I must check my email...no mail....ummm, let's check my bank balance....something doesn't add up, quick calculator....oooh I have a facebook notification who's that from?.....and a tweet....now my phones ringing....'

Sound familiar?

No wonder the poor little blighters can't keep up! We are so fast paced in life now and want our phones to be too. They are brilliant little inventions it's just that we live in the mindset of 'I don't want it now, I want it five minutes ago.'

It's the world we live in and sadly I don't think our smart phones are quite there yet.


P.S. If you want a giggle this Friday at your phones expense and haven't yet checked out www.damnyouautocorrect.com I SUGGEST YOU LOOK NOW!!

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