Friday, 19 April 2013

ULTIMATE wishlist

If it isn't enough toture to spend lots of time looking at clothes that ARE affordable, that entice me into building up a huge wislist and spend all my wages in my head before payday has even arrived, I can sometimes also find myself stumbling across sites that are quite a bit OUT of my price range which quite frankly never ends well. I spend my time lusting over items of clothing that are not only stunning but are beautifully made from the finest materials.

When I was recently asked to look at the Avenue 32 website and peruse their lines I was more than happy! I immediately spent about £1500 in my head and believe me that is not hard to do because the ranges are gorgeous. One line in particular that caught my eye and is on top of my 'I WANT' list is by designer Chalayan. The range is quite sporty chic and very bright and colourful.

This Pop Lime 3D Peplum top is stunning! It caught my eye straight away. Green is one of my favourite colours and this bright shade is perfect for the summer and for catching people's attention. The texture of the fabric looks luxurious and there are also a pair of white 'nothing' shorts by Chalayan that I feel go perfectly with this top. I can just imagine stepping out in this on a warm summer's day in a pair of strappy heels and big shades.

STRUT FOR SUMMER: The lime green peplum and white 'nothing' shorts would be a perfect outfit on a hot day.

I am also a big fan of this peach maxi dress; it isn't the typical style of maxi dress you usually see and looks really smart and sophisticated like it could be worn to a glamorous occassion. Once again, I love the colour; it isn't usually a colour I go for which is why I was drawn to it and wanted to mention it. Definitely very summery!

Also by now, if you are a regular reader or you know me you will know that I am a sucker for a skater style dress and just love this crisp white 'Speed Flare' dress. It is the ultimate stylish dress for the hot weather. Once again I can imagine wearing this on a summery day with wedge heels.

STUNNING: The peach maxi and this white flare dress would be perfect for summer parties.

So that's my ever growing wish list added to then! Does anyone else ever have a browse at websites a little about of their budget just for a look? Seen anything you like and now want? I would love to know!*


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