Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wardrobe Recycle

A couple of years ago I bought a denim bralet playsuit from Topshop for a holiday which I have only actually ever worn a handful of times all in all. The main thing that attracted me to it was the 'Bralet' look as I just love it and normally can't find tops like that to fit me as the cup sizes are always far too small for my bust (I know they are not made to measure but they still look obviously too small on me and silly). Trying this playsuit on felt amazing because the cup was a decent enough size to look like a good fit so I of course immediately bought it!

I do love a playsuit and loved how this one looked on holiday (even though my husband said I looked like Bob  the Builder - bloody cheek!) However, with playsuits I personally prefer them to be patterned or broken up in some way rather than one block colour like this one so ultimately, it's pride of place was hanging in my wardrobe rather than on my frame.

BEFORE: My playsuit on holiday.

So, after eying it up in my wardrobe the other day I got to thinking; it was the 'bralet' design that attracted me to purchasing it in the first place so why don't I just turn it into a bralet top? GENIUS!

And that is exactly what I did.

I cut away under the elasticated waistbelt around the middle, sewed up any straggly loose ends that were left and because I had to cut through the side zip, therefore cutting it in half, I removed it and stitched it up so it became a pull on top. The elasticated waist helps it stretch over my head and bust in order for it not to be a struggle to get on.

Et voila! A new bralet top was born!

I have to admit I am even more happy with the results than I thought I would be... Now I just need the weather to heat up so I can wear it out! I tried out a couple of looks with it over Easter to get an idea on how I could wear it and was very pleased with the overall fit and look.

What do you think??

OUTFIT ONE: Teamed with summer heels and my favourite faithful navy chinos.

OUTFIT TWO: Grey Marl Skater, Heeled boots, Bralet and leather biker jacket.


  1. What a good idea, it looks great as a top! Love it with the grey skater skirt. I have one really similar to this but don't wear it often as the bust is a bit small for my boobs and looks silly - so annoying when that happens eh? x

    1. Thank you! Really pleased with how it has turned out. I used to sew a lot as a teen but havent done for years so was a bit worried I might ruin it.

      Yes it is annoying, those tops are just not made for big boobs are they??! The cup normally ends up finishing half way across mine.


  2. It looks wicked with the skirt and leather jacket combo! xx

  3. SO much better! What an amazing idea. I definitely have some pieces in my wardrobe that I don't wear that could probably use a bit of restyling!

    I have a new recipe on my blog if you want a peek!


    1. Thanjs I am really pleased!! Will check out your recipe... Always on the look out for new dishes! Xx


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