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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Who are you again? My Hair History.

I was talking about hair with my sister in law earlier in the week as she has recently gone from blonde to light brown and now to a more chocolate brown colour. We were talking about how people react when you drastically change your hair or even how you react when first looking in the mirror and seeing your new look for the first time and it got me thinking about past hairstyles and hair colours I have had.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very common problem, it seems to have plagued me throughout my twenties in fact and may continue into my thrities and that problem is NO ONE EVER RECOGNISES ME! It is so annoying! I am constantly having to re-introduce myself to people I have previously had many conversations with (Luckily, once I have said who I am I get the reaction of 'OH! Nicki! You look so different from last time!')

Even so, I always used to think about others who grow their hair then cut it off or dye it a completely different colour and still get recognised - why didn't I? My boss usually says it is like he has two PA's because I can look totally different from one day to the next, it could be casual with hair down and wavy in jeans and converse or it could be smarter with hair in a trendy bun, a tea dress and boots. My husband even says he has a few wives tucked away because of the amount of different looks I have had or sport depending on the occassion. I guess I do like to do different looks, it is boring to stay the same! I love people like Madonna in a style sense who have revamped themselves time and time again. I like my variation and so I guess I can understand why that might make me look completely different.

All this and chatting about hair and hair dye got me thinking and so I decided to look up some old photo's from yesteryear! And yes, I can finally see why people may not recognise me from days gone by if it has been quite a while since we last saw eachother.

In my late teens and early twenties I really struggled with my weight, I kind of ate what I wanted, when I wanted and quickly found out that I didn't have the metabolism to do that!  Being young and a bit naive to health and the right foods, I remember being stuck in a weight rut and not really being sure as to what to do to get myself out of it! (I even remember thinking drinking YOP instead of eating helped! What kind of crazy is that?!) So it isn't just my hair that makes me look different to back then (And the fact it was eight years ago) It is also the fact that back then I was teetering on a size 18 and had a compltely different face shape!

Luckily, that was a long time ago and I completely clued up on healthy eating, exercise (as and when I do it!) and most importantly now know my body well enough to know what foods I can get away with and what to avoid!

So, the point of this post is to share with you some old pics of me and my hair to show you just how much changing your hair colour or style can really change your look! So come with me as I take you on a little trip down memory lane via the 'My Hair History' Tour! Fasten your seatbelts... 

As a huge Marilyn Monroe fan I always thought (and still do actually) that blonde hair equalled glamour and beauty so longed for it through my teens! The most my Mum ever allowed me to have were highlights which were not enough for she who wanted platinum white hair! Eventually though after years of highlights it was just that and to make sure every strand was smothered in the same colour I swapped the cap for bleach. Et voila! Sadly though bleach is NOT GOOD for your hair and desperate attempts by me to grow it long were unsuccessful and I usually had to opt for clip in hair extensions like I have in the picture above (Excuse the fact it was taken in a pub loo!) I love the hairstyle which was a creation of my very good friend Trisha who still cuts my hair today but looking back, this blonde hair was all wrong for my pinky white skin tone! I was about 20 in this photo I think.

By 22 I was losing weight and sadly losing hair because it was in such bad condition! This photo was on a night out not long after I had had it chopped into a bob to try and help it get some strength back. Sadly it didn't help and on my next trip to the hairdressers she told me she wasn't going to bleach it anymore.


This is me and my lovely friend Trisha (the hairdresser I previously mentioned) on a night out not long after I had had to dye it dark AND have it cut even shorter to get rid of the brittle bits that were breaking off the ends! The side you can see is the long side and I had it even shorter the other side so kind of a 'graduating' hair do to give it a funky look (and because one side was more damaged than the other!) I hated my hair like this! I don't like myself with short hair I feel I look like a boy! Luckily I was slimmer by this point!


Luckily, it wasn't too long before it started to grow again and I could have it cut into a hairstyle I liked again (with my trusty fringe!) I had grown to like the colour by now too and enjoyed how glossy it looked rather than dry! I could also put in extensions (only ever clip ins) if I wanted to as well as it was long enough and strong enough! I was about 23 here and also at a much happier weight. 

Glossy hair on a night out! Yippee!


Once my hair was at a length I liked and growing much quicker I decided I wanted to try another look so went for a nice vibrant plum colour. I loved it and looking back at photo's makes me miss it but I remember the problem with having this hair colour was not only does it fade quite quickly to a dull red, even weeks after dying it you still get pink on your white towels after washing your hair. It was much thicker and healthier though now as it had been about three years since it was last bleached!


After plum I went dark again but once our beach wedding was booked for summer 2011 I knew I wanted to have lighter, natural, more summery hair so booked in with the very talented colourist who does my mums hair and even after one appointment she transformed my hair from dark brown to light brown. I was so impressed! She was really good, sat with me before hand to discuss what I wanted and her opinions on how to get there and she took her time doing it. By the time I got married I had beautiful beach ready sunkissed hair. This photo is from after I was married so it had grown out a bit - I didn't want to colour it anymore so it would keep in good health and grow, now it has an element of the ombre look especially after using a home dye ombre kit to enhance it. It grows quicker than it ever has before which is lovely especially now I have it cut regularly and I just love how it looks.

I am so glad the days of brittle, short and broken hair are long behind me.

Christmas 2012 and my hair is healthy, shiny and long!

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