Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bunny Diet Time!

It isn't just hubby and me watching our weight in this house now.... after having watched Daybreak this morning and seeing an article about pet obesity I have come to learn the buns are slightly overweight. Uh oh!
Luckily it seems to be only slightly but just like adults, being overweight causes them nothing but health issues and I want them to live as long as possible and have lovely lives so it stops now! Thanks to Daybreak's article I have learnt it's the veg that is contributing to their expanding tums, that and a bit too much of the pellets they have on a daily basis. So, from now on I will cut down on their pellets and veg will only be a small weekly treat.
From today the majority of their diet will be hay. (It is now but it will a case of 95% of their diet now rather than 80%)
If any housebunny owners have any other tips to get them moving more I would be very grateful!


  1. Mine are off for a quick health check tomorrow so I'll record their most recent weights and see where we are. I've a feeling Jeeves has put on weight, he looks quite chunky but he always has been really and has much thicker fur than Tigger so that can be deceiving. He's really lazy too.

    Have you got a treat ball? You could try popping what pellets you do give them in there and they can chase after it. xx

    1. Thanks hon I might try something like that... make them work for their food! I think because of Peaches fur being thicker she looks tubbier definitely but still think maybe I should cut down :/ how often do u give ur bunnies veg and treats? They eat a lot of hay but think they still have too much of other things and dont move enough!

      Pampered buns!



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