Thursday, 2 May 2013

Calamity PAIN

I haven't blogged for over a week now which in this busy digital world of writing is considered a lifetime and therefore a SIN so I must apologise.
As you will well know I had a busy weekend what with it being High Street Fashion Week last week which I attended on Sunday daytime and evening, we also went to our very good friends wedding reception Saturday night to celebrate their marriage in Mexico.
Since the weekend though I have had the most disastrous of weeks! I am going to be quite glad when it is Saturday once again and we have made it through the week alive quite frankly! (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration).
On Sunday night after leaving the Mayfair nightclub in which the catwalk event took place I failed to see a small step hiding in my path and proceeded to trip and completely fall to the ground in a big heap of shame. Not only that, it was a fall with a splat and my right knee took the full impact of my body weight hitting the concrete. OUCH! Luckily because I had had a couple of drinks I was able to hobble on my way wthout too much difficulty (leaving my dignity flat out on the pavement). It was only the next morning when I woke up in the hotel room I felt - and saw - the full painful effect of my fall. I made it home but as the day went on it hurt more and more and by the time my husband saw it, my usually Dennis - the - menace - like - nobbly knee was twice the size of the other and very sore! Because of this, he felt it best we go to A&E and have it checked out to make sure it wasn't broken. Five and a half hours later and at gone half twelve in the morning we discovered it wasn't broken but just severely bruised. Phew! I didn't think it would be broken to be fair, I thought that as much as it hurt and was very swollen I would still be in much more pain than I was. I am glad we went though because today it still hurts so I would have probably been left wondering what damage I have done even if I didn't think it were broken, whereas this way I know it is just bad bruising.

Wednesday was another painful day although not caused through calamity (unless you count the fact it all sprung from me breaking my tooth on a crisp five years ago) It was root canal day! Yay! (sarc) I wasn't too nervous because people I had spoken to who had had the procedure told me it wasn't painful just uncomfortable. They were right however AFTERWARDS is quite painful! Once the numbness wears off you are left with a very achy painful jaw indeed. Eating was quite impossible as I couldn't open my mouth wide enough and every time my husband made me laugh I had to tell him off because even that motion of movement hurt like hell! That wasn't the end of the incidents though... Hubby hit his thumb with a sledgehammer at work and was sent to hospital to have it checked as a precaution. Luckily once again there were no broken bones just bruising and also luckily we were in and out within an hour so it was far less time consuming than Monday's visit! Needless to say we looked like a right pair whilst resting on the sofa with a film last night. Him with his swollen purple thumb, me with my fat knee and achy jaw. GORGEOUS!
Obviously we are now keeping the rest of the week very low key and having lots of rest so we can be right as rain and able to enjoy the bank holiday weekend, This time hopefully with a lot less drama!

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