Friday, 17 May 2013


We don't have a bath in our house, just a shower.

When we first looked at the house that was one thing that put me off moving in slightly because as much as most of the time it is a shower I opt for there are times when only a hot bubble bath will do. Even so, despite the everlasting winter I haven't actually missed a bath as much as I thought I would. There has been the odd occassion on a cold wintery day or when I have been aching that I have missed being surrounded by pink bubbles and hot water but all in all it hasn't been as much as I expected.

However one chore us women have to endure on a regular basis has made me come to realise just how handy having a bath is: Leg shaving. Up until recenty I had them and everything else waxed. I am a big fan of waxing because it is convenient, you get better results for longer and it also minimises hair regrowth eventually. Even so, because a few months ago we sat down and looked where we could cut costs, I said I would trade in a leg wax for a razor again so long as I could keep up with everything else being done by my fabulous beautician.

Oh boy how I regret THAT decision! I had long forgotten what a mind numbing annoyance leg shaving is! Not only that, I forgot how easy it was to nick myself and produce the tiniest of cuts with a never ending blood supply. Add into that the fact I have to do this in a shower and not stretched out in the bath and I find it near on impossible! Maybe it is because I am years out of practice or maybe it is because I hate doing it so much any little obsticle makes it even more tricky for me to do it properly - I don't know. But I would definitely choose a moments sharp pain for super smooth legs and no cuts over bending over in the shower and trying to make sure you haven't missed a big line of stuble or admitting defeat and sitting down, cramped up, trying to shave them as quickly as possible.

It could also be because I grew up in a house that only had a bath, I haven't been able to flex my shower leg shaving skills!

Does anyone else feel this way?

Men have it soooo easy!

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  1. My shower has a little ledge I can rest my foot on (about hip height) which really helps - does yours have anything similar or are the walls completely smooth?

    1. Smooth! its all plastic windows and slidey doors...! Its a big shower but unfortunately not big enough to sit with legs stretched out. I loved that being in the bath meant you inspect your legs thoroughly!!! :)

  2. I've always shaved every day (I have major hatred for even the tiniest bit of stubble - unless it's on a man, I do love stubble on a man). Having shaved every day for over 10 years now, I'm used to it but I still find it really annoying to do! We women have to do so much to keep ourselves presentable, don't we? xx

    1. I really hate it! Luckily the regrowth is so slow now that I don't have to do it everyday but I have a feeling I may have to resort back to waxing! much easier! :)

      Men DO have it easy!



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