Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ebay binge!

Because I want to be sensible with my money and make my wages last throughout the month but I still want to enjoy my shopping addiction I have decided that as well as making the most out of what I have in my wardrobe and making sure I wear different items and try them out in different combinations, I am also going to go back to what I did when I wasn't working and needed to make my money last - recycling! Using Ebay to be thrifty - and ruthless - and sell on what I have loved and let go to make way for new stuff!

I am terrible for buying stuff and wearing it a few times and then going off of it so this is the best idea really, it was my husband that told me I should start doing that again, clueless to why I had actually stopped doing it when I started working again. I think it is because I had the comfort of knowing I had a regular wage coming in whereas when I wasn't working, I only had the money I had saved up and any extra I made through selling online. But, after nearly a year back working now I have finally come to see the error of my ways. My weakness is definitely retail therapy. We have a weekly spend budget in check but sadly I haven't got my extra money that I like to use for shopping sorted and because I want to save I needed a plan.... Ebay is it! It sorted me out before and will sort me out again!

So, Saturday morning I raided my wardrobe and was ruthless! I found ten items of clothing that I either don't like or wear anymore or still love but for some reason don't wear! The latter are the items of clothing I would normally hold onto and then still not wear so I was brave and listed them. I just kept thinking of the other bits I wanted to buy to spur myself on!

Let's hope I make some wonga!

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