Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Home Wish List.

I have gone decorating bonkers again. The bug for something like decorating and  home imporvements tends to come and go but since finishing my side unit for the living room the itch has come back yet again. So, that means this week I have built up a little wish list for things I want for the home and stuff I would like to do.

The living room is pretty much complete now, I just want to get some photos onto the bare walls so have been looking online (mainly Ebay) for inspiration as to what kind of frames I want. I ordered prints a while ago from photobox of friends and family so they're are ready and waiting and it is now just a case of putting them up!

 I desperately want to paint the hall as it is quite a dark colour at the moment and I feel it could benefit from being painted cream. After that task is complete, it is just finishing touches needed such as ornaments and nick nacks to give it a bit of character.

Here are some of the things I have been looking at and would love to have in our house:

I am obsessed with finishing off furniture, drawers or door handles with little hanging hearts or shapes. This little lot are from a seller on Ebay and there are a few different colours I love the look of to finish off the side unit in the living room and perhaps the one in the hall too as it is now looking a bit bare!

As I said, the living room now just needs some gorgeous quirky frames to go on the wall and adorn pictures of our memories. I love photo's and have lots I want to put up, I will have to hold back in some ways in fact to make sure I don't end up over crowding the living room wall but we do luckily have bare hall and landing walls to choose from too. This little lot are also on Ebay, I love the 'LOVE' frame.

For the conservatory - where we have our dining table - I want some little tin signs similar to the above to go on the wall. We already have a New York lunchtime canvas up and a canvas hubby's brother and fiancee brought us back from Thailand which give it a nice look but I am a sucker for the vintage look and I love these! (Once again off of Ebay).

Talking of little vintage inspired signs and nick nacks I also love this little one for the kitchen. There isn't too much I can do in the kitchen so am just accessorising it with nice bits for the wall as well as once again hanging ornaments from the cupboard door handles. Another Ebay find.

Finally, the garden is getting into shape now, we just need to plant a few pretty flowers to add some colour and need the sun to make a lasting appearance for us to enjoy it! To finish it off I would love this beautiful Panama Chimnea from B&Q for those nights we want to be able to sit in the garden after dark and need a bit of warmth and a bit of light. There is an old one in the garden at the moment that has seen better days so we are going to get rid of it sadly (it does look as though it had a good time though) and we will replace it with this one! Can't wait.

Anyone else decorating or adding new furniture / accessories to their homes?

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