Friday, 31 May 2013

Just a little something I threw together....

As I recently said, I have been browsing Ebay for little nick nacks and accessories to finish off various pieces of furniture around the house and as much as you can buy them cheaply, I decided it would be much cheaper for me to make them myself! There are some types of accessories that are better off being bought as they would be too hard for me to make as an amateur but some pieces are pretty simple, it just takes a bit of imagination, some parcel string, garden wire and leftover paint.

Wire and string ready to go!

I started off with a simple hanging decoration for the side unit in the living room by cutting three bits of wire all the same length and bending them into heart shapes then tieing them together with the string (again making sure they are the same lengths) Finally, I painted them with some leftover cream paint we had in the garage (made into chalk paint naturally to make it go on better) The paint acts a bit like a glue to ensure the hearts stay on the string as well as matching the colour of the hearts to the string.

Before Paint.

I am so pleased with it and it took no time to make at all. I am going to create a few more bits over the weekend as this was just a tester. I need to come up with some more ideas and figure out how I would make them first. Anything too complicated won't work as I only have my hands to bend the wire (although using a hammer is sometimes helpful)

If you don't have leftover paint then sample pots are normally only £1 and that would be plenty to paint a little piece such as this.The great thing about making these items yourself is firstly it is cheaper and secondly the pieces you make are unique!

Definitely worth a go.

TA-DAH! Finished item.


  1. * knick knacks.
    * amateur.

    Sorry to be so picky but had spelling is one of the first things that will make me click off a blog

    1. *bad

      Thank you for letting me know, I rushed it this morning and didn't proof read it as thoroughly as I would usually and therefore missed that I had got the letters wrong in 'amateur'. However I spell nick nacks that way as a play on my name - just a private joke to myself.

      Shame you think like that though, some of the cleverest, imaginative and funniest blogs I read have slight errors yet they still have thousands of pageviews and are regularly approached by companies to review products or attend events. I notice when they make the odd mistake but still enjoy reading their blog and look forward to new posts.

      However, it is of course all down to preference. If you enjoy the blog you will allow for the odd mistake.

  2. Is there no end to your talents?! Canvas creator, clothes redesigner, master chef, nick(i)-nack maker and blogger extraordinaire! Love your little space on the world wide web, but I think you already know that!



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