Thursday, 23 May 2013

Make the most of what you got! Part 1

Because I want to save even more money and am looking at new ways of eating and exercising concentrating on targeting my tum (and so hopefully will lose weight!)  I am banning myself from buying anymore clothes for the forseeable future. So, I thought I would post about it to keep a diary, mainly so I keep it up and don't get tempted to splurge but also to see what people think of my outfits and combinations - I am hoping the feeback will spur me on further!

I will probably combine a few outfits from the week in one post after this one to save them becoming spam posts! But for now, I thought I would just share what I wore today as a starting point as the idea had just popped into my head.

I do still like a lot of items of clothing I have yet still feel the desire to go and buy new items is too overwhelming to ignore! I am going to make a concious effort to put together items I hadn't thought of AND wear items of clothing I haven't worn for a long time.... This should be interesting!

Please let me know your thoughts, I will appreciate your feedback!

Today's outfit was pretty casual. I wore my faithful Topshop stonewash effect Leigh skinny jeans (that are soooo comfy!) and an old faithful Topshop pink and white striped top that is see through so I wear it with a vest top underneath. I love the printed images on this tee as well as the colours and the fit so even though I have had it for a few years now I still love wearing it! My cardy is sooooo old and from H&M and my boots are my confy chunky platform heels from Linzi.

(Please excuse the weeds in this pic! The gardener is coming next week and we will have a tidy and pretty garden - yay!)


  1. I really love your ombre hair! Looks so lovely.
    I really need to start making the most of the clothes I already own, too. I get so bored so easily and then end up wasting my money on new stuff!

    1. Thank you! Thats very nice of you to say :)

      Me too!! I have also decided to be really ruthless and clear out some clothes to put on ebay if I havent worn them for a while so I can make money to fund any new purchases!


  2. I looooooooove the tshirt and the casual indie rock chick look. When I need new clothes or something different and for cheap, I take a look round the charity shops, if you really look you can find brilliant bargains! I found a £55 Monsoon dress (with the tag still on) for a tenner and a brand new FCUK handbag for 6 quid, also I don't feel as guilty as I know my money is going to a good cause! :)

    1. Thanks love! And you're so right! There are some great stuff in charity shops... theres one in shenfield that has lots of designer bits in it (some new) cos everyone around there has lotsa dosh!!!! :) :) great place to get some bargains and like u say; it's for charity! Xxx


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