Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More furniture restoration.

One project I was desperate to finish whilst taking a little blogging break was the side unit I had bought before Christmas off of Ebay to do up for the living room. I finally made a start on it a couple of weeks ago after all this time of it sitting in the garage and really got my teeth into it and finished it off this weekend.

I am never 100% happy with any of my creations simply because I am my own biggest critic and always feel I can do better however, once the unit was in the living room with ornaments on it I was really pleased. We went out and bought a new lamp for it with a gift voucher hubby's sister had given us for Christmas too as we love evenings in front of the TV to be dimly lit for that extra bit of cosiness rather than having the main light on.

I wasn't sure about the colour at first but really love it now - I wanted to create a bold, statement piece! I really love how our living room is starting to look now with the mismatching furniture and splashes of different colours. It is exactly what I envisioned. I want it to look as quirky as possible! The next step is to start putting pictures up on the bare walls and it will look really homely! Then after that, all I will be looking for are little ornaments and trinkets to add to the room to give it those final touches.

What do you think of my latest furniture project?

UNIT BEFORE - An ebay steal at £40 and very local pick up!

UNIT COMPLETE - Sitting in it's new home in our living room with our new lamp. Ta Da!

DISTRESSED - I just love shabby chic!

TOP - Lit up with our new lamp BOTTOM  - Close up of the colour and distressed features.


  1. What a gorgeous colour! Love the contrast of bright colour with the distressed look, well done!

    1. Thank you! I am very pleased and it has really made a difference to the room. xx


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