Friday, 3 May 2013

My BooHoo Party Dress

On Saturday night we went to the wedding reception of our friends who have recently married in Mexico. It was a lovely evening with the venue decorated beautifully and a slide show of their big day playing for all of us to see. It looked like a wonderful day and reminded me of our wedding on the beach nearly two years ago now! Both the bride and groom were so so brown (although the bride more so than the groom!) and they both looked amazing and happy!

I was really pleased that I finally had an occassion to which I could wear my Sara sweetheart dress that I bought back in March for £20.00. Such a bargin and it fitted really well! So much so it hid the fact I actually had a bad bloated tummy that night thanks to the peplum finish. I teamed it with my gorgeous blue Gwenda shoes from Topshop and my Marilyn Monroe print River Island bag which I actually bought for a bargain price off of ebay a year or so ago.

This dress is still available online here and for the price is such a good buy! It fitted really well around the bust and wasn't too short or tight.

I can't wait to wear it again!

DRESS: / SHOES: Topshop / BAG: River Island (ebay buy)
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