Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nicki-isms W/C: 20/05

Sometimes I find it hard to write a whole post about something I really want to write about. This can be because I can't think how to write it or because it simply only  takes a few sentences to get my point across or say what I want to say.

So! I decided I would start doing a summary post  for the week so I can convey my thoughts or opinions on certain things whether it is in the news or my life and do it briefly! Nicki-isms if you will.
 I hope you enjoy :)

Yesterday's awful news of the  attack in Woolwich has left my heart so heavy. So close to home (My husband actually has family who live around there) and so shockingly sad. I just can't imagine what it must have been like for those eye witnesses to encounter or for that poor soldier to suffer and now his grieving family have to try and take in. Nothing makes yesterdays events right, not even what is going on in those war torn countries. It is truly devastating.

Lately I have enjoyed nothing better than spending time with my hubby. Whether it is having a lazy Sunday on the sofa watching films back to back or if the weather has been nice, sitting in the garden. Date nights are the best though. Monday night we went to Frankie and Benny's for a quick bite as I had rushed out that morning and not got anything out of the freezer plus he was a little fragile because of going out the day before so felt he needed stodge! Think the HUGE calzone he had hit the spot but the staff singing 'happy birthday' to the next table, not so much.

I have gone completely home furnishing mad (even more so since my last post about it) especially thanks to popping into Dunelm Mill for a browse yesterday. There is a new store at Lakeside retail park and it is huge! Within seconds of being in there I saw ten, twenty, thirty things I wanted! Can't wait to add little bits and bobs to our furniture and walls.

I am so fed up with rudeness, this week EVERY person I have let passed or kept a door open for hasn't thanked me or even acknowledged me. This morning I had a car nearly cut the front of my car off because they decide at the last minute they needed to be in my lane -What is wrong with people? Does nobody realise that being a bit more jolly and nicer to people will actually lift THEIR mood too?

And Finally....


Why do all of my make up type NECESSITIES run out at the same time? And when I am waiting for payday too! I am soooo poor this month thanks to a nice big dentist bill and my faithful MAC foundation is waaaay passed it's last dregs. I have to wait another week before I can buy a new one because it is £25 (and oh so worth every penny...this last one was bought in October too so it lasts!) I also need more cleanser and that is £15 so again I have to wait for payday! I am also desperate for some more heat protection spray. This time next week I will be eagerly waiting to go on a beauty splurge!

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