Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Something random happened....

A week or so ago, one school night while my hubby was out I had a wierd impulse to suddenly bake a cake. That has NEVER happened before, EVER. I like cake and am happy to eat it (oh, if I must!) and I will cook you any main course you want but I have never before felt the desire to bake a cake.

So, because this urge grew stronger and I really wanted to give it a go - I searched online for a simple cake recipe to try out and see how I got on, because of various things we have cooked before we had all the ingredients in the cupboard I needed and I found such a quick simple recipe online in seconds. I was off!

Long story short, the cake turned out well and tasted very nice, It was a nice moist texture and enjoyable but because I had now made one and it had been easy, I had the bug. I knew I could make it better and I wanted to make it again and make it MY way!

So this bank holiday weekend I did. I made another chocolate cake but this time added more cocoa powder than was in the original recipe because I felt it was nowhere near enough. I also added chunks of flake bars into the cake mix for extra yumminess and sprinkled some on top after it was iced to finish it off.

On Sunday we had family over for a BBQ and this was the dessert - it went down very well! I must say I was extremely pleased with it. Plus it has now made me want to bake more variations of cake.

For the full recipe, visit my food blog here.


  1. I don't usually crave chocolate cake as I find it too sweet and rich, but now I'm craving it cos of your picture! Damn you and your delicious baking talents!!! xxx

    1. Haha! Thank you!! You should make it....it is soooo easy! (and yummy!) xx


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