Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tea Break appreciation.

There is nothing better than a quick break.

When you're having a crazy, busy day and feel like your eyes are going to fall out of your head, there is no better place to seek solace than in a cup of good old english tea.

Those ten minutes when you are either sat on your sofa or at your desk and have flipped your screen away from sight, when you are doing and thinking about absolutely nothing are precious and SO BLISSFUL, if I could bottle up that feeling I think would be rich!

Whether you enjoy treating yourself to a couple of biccies to dunk or two teaspoons of sugar, whether you like yours strong or weak or with no milk at all, we all have our own idea of what the perfect tea break is.

Mine is sitting on the sofa once I get in from work and before I either start writing or start housework; I leave the TV off so the house is lovely and quiet and just sit there. No phones ringing, no screen drying out my eyeballs. NOTHING.

It is heaven.

Also, there are times that I may have treated the household to a pack of biccies and so get in and wait excitedly with anticipation for the kettle to boil so I can enjoy ten minutes naughtiness with my brew. That is quite rare though - which is what makes me enjoy it so much!

There isn't much else to say really, this post does exactly what is says on the tin: it sets a couple of minutes aside out of your day to appreciate the good old tea break. Bet you're thinking of whacking the kettle on now aren't ya?? Go on....

What's your perfect tea break?


  1. Well it doesnt really fit in with the whole "being healthy" idea but I do love fag with my cup of tea! lol x

    1. Haha I wouldnt expect anything less from you Liddy :) xx


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