Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The simple things: May bank holiday weekend...

Hello! It is Tuesday already and we are all getting ready to go back to work. I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend and is in a good mood, ready to face the working week. The weather for once was gloriously sunny during our time off and has turned grey now we are back at work rather than the other way around so there was plenty of opportunity to get outdoors.

On Friday night I cooked a chilli dish I have been dying to make for a while now, Jamie Oliver's slow cook chilli using beef brisket instead of mince. You cook it for about 4hours but I only had time to cook it for just over three however it was still DELICIOUS! I ended up making a bit of a feast in the end so there was so much dinner left over. We had rice, Tortilla wraps, guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips - I was a busy little bee in the kitchen! I also made a salad and bought some sour cream in case it ended up being too spicy but it was perfect. I would recommend it to anyone to make!

SLOW COOKED CHILLI: This was our Friday night feast to welcome in the bank holiday!

Saturday morning we decided to have a bit of a sort out and clear out the garage, there wasn't too much in there but it was still a bit of a mess. Afterwards, we went to our local twice monthly Farmers market round the corner at Barleylands where we ended up buying delicious cheese and tomato bread (which we enjoyed later) Freshly made gingerbread (which we also enjoyed later with a cuppa) and a pork and apple burger to enjoy while we were walking around. It is always so nice to see so many different little inpedendant businesses in one place. At Barleylands there are still so many old fashioned businesses like glass blowing, wood carving, sewing classes. I love it there!

YUM: Burger at the Farmers market Saturday lunchtime.

Sunday was a gloriously sunny day so we took advantage and had family over for a BBQ. I made my cheese stuffed burgers which went down well and my stepdad brought over homemade (and freshly made) rolls to put them in. We also had lots of other food like kebabs and ribs which lasted us until Sunday lunchtime! That evening, our friends came over for a drink and catch up and we sat outside to enjoy the last bit of the sun before firing up the old woodburner that is in the garden for a bit of heat. It's extremely cosy indeed!

COSY: Woodburner in the garden Sunday evening.

Yesterday was a bit of a lazy one. We pottered about a bit and skyped hubby's mum then while he watched the football I read. That evening for dinner he made a stuffed crust pizza for dinner which was immense!

PIZZA: Monday evening hubby made us a yummy stuffed crust pizza for dinner.

Very food orientated this weekend I have come to realise after writing this!

We were in bed at 9.30 last night absolutely pooped! Not sure why really although we have started working out again and worked really hard yesterday. I think my body went into shock!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends too! Bit of a wait until the next one now....boooooo!


  1. Looks like you ate a lot of great food this weekend! I love a farmers market burger. Always the one.


    1. Yes it was very food orientated which I always enjoy! :) Hope you had a lovely one too xx

  2. I made that chilli last week too. Have to say it was very good (and so easy) gonna try it next time Lee n Jodie come over as she said she would give it a go when she saw the demo!!!! Think Patrick should do the stuffed crust pizza when I'm over next - just saying lol.

    1. SO nice isnt it?? Not spicy either so I reckon Jode would like it. I will also tell Patrick you have put a pizza request in for your next visit :) xx


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