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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Weather Wash Out!

Apparantly this summer is (surprise surprise) meant to be a wash out weather wise which is quite depressing! We just don't seem to ever get a nice stretch of hot weather to enjoy do we? If we had one month of non stop glorious sunshine to enjoy and make the most of, when it was all over we - well, we are British we would of course still moan - but at least we would have had some vitamin c on our bones! It is that report which has made me decide that hubby and I defo need a holiday ASAP! I want to lounge and I want to feel the sunshine on my skin... I want to eat foreign food and I want to read a good book and do little else.

The long and short of it is that we can't change our weather, so all we can do is look to the positive benefits of our unpredictable skies and whenever we do have a hot day, make the most of it by being outside in the sunshine and firing up the barby!

Because it is hard to find the positives, I thought I would compile a list together and see how many (if any) plus's there are to our Great British weather!

1) No freak weather
We may get winters that last six months or washed out summer days but at least we don't experience devastating earthquakes, tsunami's or freezing cold -30 winters like other countires. All in all our weather is very mild compared to other places we could live (touch wood) so we should be thankful!

2) No Horrid Insects
I hate bugs and this is one the main things I hate about summer! I can't sleep when there is a fly in the room, I have to get it out before trying to doze off. I hate having a BBQ and having several wasps flying at your face after your food. I hate bugs in general! They make me shudder. I particularly hate flies though! Mainly because there is nothing beneficial about them, they are horrid, dirty, gross and spread germs but also because they could make my bunnies really ill so summer is now spent with me constantly making sure they are well protected and there is no buzzing in the house. However, it could be worse! We could live in a country where insects are deadly and poisonous and where spiders (which don't actually bother me) are as big as your hand and bite! scary!

3) No Snakes 
Following on from my last point, we also don't have scary snakes rear their poisonous heads in the summer like other more tropical climates....and I don't know about you but I am quite thankful for that!

4) No Crop Crisis
Yes, our weather has been a bit mad lately and because of that some of our flowers and crops do suffer but all in all we do normally get a usual harvest whereas if we were a country that experienced extreme weather patterns such as storms, big freezes and mega heatwaves it would be a very different story.

5) Flexible Wardrobe
I think this is a plus? The fact we have hot then warm then cold weather means we can keep our wardrobes and styles versatile rather than being stuck in a permament summer wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING better than a hot day and wearing your favourite denim cut off's and a vest top but I don't know about you, I have some absolute wardrobe favourites that require slightly milder weather and I would be very sad to have to wait months and months to wear them again (although the sunshine and an ice cream probably would ease that upset!)

6) More excuse for a holiday 
We don't need MUCH of an excuse to book tickets for a plane outta here really do we? After all, we work hard and deserve a break. There is also a big wide world out there for us to experience. Sometimes though we can feel that because of money or whatever else that maybe we shouldn't treat ourselves to a little break.... well you should! And maybe the precdiction of a less than tropic summer will convince you of that too!

There we go then, there may only be six postives but positives they are!

How do you keep your pecker up in the milder summer weather?


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