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Friday, 3 May 2013

Why women are bloody BRILLIANT!

Firstly, I would just like to just start this post by saying it is in no way about 'man bashing' or being sexist, making men look stupid or anything at all along those lines.......I am almost very sure that men too have their own qualities.
However, I am a woman and so only know how to be a woman therefore thought that on this sunny Friday, I would big up our amazing species and list the reasons why we are just that bit better than our male counterparts.
(We really are)
1) - Multitasking.
The only evidence I have ever seen of a man being able to PROPERLY and SUCCESSFULLY multitask was by a man the other week who was riding his bike down the road whilst carrying some ladders. That is it. Unless you count the fact that men can watch football with their hands down their pants whilst holding a beer? No I don't count that either. My housework consists of always cleaning and tidying two rooms at the same time and is usually done throughout the week whilst also making dinner and doing a washload. Multitasking is what gives us women the chance to relax, if we didn't we would still be scrubbing the toilet at 1am and waiting for the meat to cook.
2) - Our Overthinking.
I know most men hate this but I think this is what makes us great. We care too much and are passionate, we overthink and worry what others think but keeps us on the ball and helps us out in tricky situations because 9 times out of 10 we have already mentally prepared for every crisis or awkward situation that will ever arise. (And physically prepared, which is why we carry big handbags - necessities)
3) - We know what to say.
I know not all women would agree with this, there are some who would say that they are useless at advice but all in all even those women who doubt themselves are good at it. We are naturally compassionate and we draw on past experiences of our own having learnt from them. That's also why we eventually discover over time that our mother's really were always right!
4) - High pain threshold.
Our bodies and hearts are naturally stronger because our bodies are designed to cope with pregnancy and childbirth but my god, don't we know about it! I am the first to admit the idea of pain always scares the hell out of me whether it is a bashed knee or root canal (both of which have been the higlights of my week) but I also usually find I cope with it really well and it is normally nowhere near as bad as I ever think it is going to be. Plus if I know I have to do something whether it's painful or not I just do it and get it over and done with. Which leads me to my next point....
5) - We soldier on.
No matter what, we will always carry on with what we have to do and keep the household ticking over. Whether we have a broken arm or the flu we don't lay around in bed sniffling and whinging we just power through. Who else would do it for us if we didn't?
6) - We are HOT.
Women are by far the more beautiful species. Mainly because we groom ourselves a hell of a lot more yes but even just our basic genetic make up is amazing! Lucious hair, an hour glass figure (whether big or small) soft skin, delicate features. Women are GORGEOUS!

7) - We know what's going on.
Men say it is gossip but us ladies know that really we are keeping our ear to the ground. We know what is going down, with who and where. We know who isn't talking to who and we know why. We know who to steer clear of and why that person over there is crying. Yes, there are those who just like to gossip for no other reason than to be nosey but for most of us, we like to just know where we stand and who we can trust. We also dont want to put our foot in it if something untoward has happened.
8) - We know how too accentuate our good points.
Some women do take this to extremes and abuse this power therefore ruining it for the rest of us but for those of us who are subtle and only use our womanly ways at a time of complete crisis there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. We are charming human beings and men bless them like to be charned so if we are little bit late for a super important meeting or just bumped into someone aggressively whilst in a hurry....or even have just been waiting alone at the bar a bit too long and want to be served next, a little smile and hair swish can work wonders. There, I've said it. Shoot me.
9) - We do pretty much everything....and do it better.
In this modern world we live in some women are busier than ever before because of running a household, managing their children and a busy career or job. Men too have modernised with us and are of course happy to help out more than they would have done years ago but we women want things done a certain way so know it is best to do it ourselves. My husband readily admits he leaves a lot of jobs to me because he knows he just won't do them right or good enough (he says there are two types of clean in our house: 'clean' and 'wife clean'). I also know women who have been really busy so left their other halves to sort the kids only to find to their horror that they have been dressed in some terrible unmatching ensemble that stopped fitting them two months ago and that their lunch consists of crisp sandwiches. Men try bless them, but we are just too different a species from each other.
10) - We show emotion.
Men are either genetically built or told when they are growing up (or both) to 'be a man' or 'not show emotion' and therefore spend a lot of their life hiding how they really feel or bottling things up. The ironic thing about that is firstly, a problem shared really is a problem halved and if you're sharing it with your partner it brings you closer. Secondly, women respect a man MORE for being more honest and open with their emotions. Apart from the ladies that like a bad boy and so are asking for a broekn heart, we women like to know where we stand and what you're thinking. That is why we are always opening up to our girlfriends for advice and reassurance. That is why we cry when we are upset and shout when we are angry - because we like telling things how they are and expressing how we feel.
So, there you have it guys and girls. We women are pretty marvellous - Really the top reason for us being so great should be because we put up with men shouldn't it? (Tongue firmly pressing against cheek)
I guess they do have their plus sides.... after all, mine is my best friend, is kind and funny, has a huge heart and I wouldn't have my life any other way than how it is now.
And in fact part of me wants to come back in my next life as man just because I fancy having my feet up a lot more.......    ;)

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  1. I was just feeling brilliant myself, and googled 'women are brilliant', and found your blog ... :-)
    pretty much all the things you said are why I'm feeling brilliant (if very tired) at the moment ...
    Well done ...!


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