Monday, 24 June 2013

Avenue 32: Designer Antonio Marras

Browsing clothes online is like a sport to me, it is my golf.

Nothing makes me feel happier than looking at pretty clothes on websites (well aside from BUYING the pretty clothes of course). Anyone who knows me and reads my blog a lot will know this about me, they will also know a while back I wrote an ultimate wishlist about Avenue 32 and what I would buy from designer Chalayan if I had a purse like Mary Poppins handbag or had married a sugar daddy (you can read this post here).

I was recently asked to look on this fabulous website again to browse the designer Antonio Marras creations and write about my thoughts on his lines. He stood out for me because his clothes are so bright and colourful! I love colour and hardly ever wear all black or dark colours. I think it's important to make a statement with your clothes and to try and be noticed!

So who is Antonio Marras?

Born in Alghero in 1961 his father owned a boutique in Rome in which Marras learnt about the various fabrics and textiles used in clothes design. Here he developed his preference for versatile fabrics and textures which is what his clothing is known for today. Over the years and through much hard work, Marras designs became very popular and caught the eye of many already established designers leading to various collaborations.His ultimate goal though was of course to establish his own label. Within a few years he succeeded in this dream and debuted his namesake collection at Milan Fashion Week.

In 2003 he was offered the role of Art Director at the house of Kenzo and then eventually the role of Creative Director followed in 2008. His main focus today is his label and while he keeps his designs fresh and modern he remains true to his original ideas with those unique materials and textures as well as bright eye catching colours.

Here are just some of my top picks from his Summer lines that I have completely and utterly fallen in love with.

Khaki Camo Embellished Coat

I have been lusting after a camouflage coat for a while now and love how unique this one is with his smart lining both inside and out and the stud embellishment which gives it that 'rock n roll' edginess and makes it stand out from the crowd a little more.

Peach Multi Print Floral Dress

How gorgeous is this dress? I love so much about it! The cut of it, the colours. It is gorgeous and I love how it echo's the style of a seventies dress. Being long sleeved too means you can wear it on those cooler summer days as well as the cold winter ones.

Pale Green Peter Pan Dress

I love the colour of the this mint green and again the cut of the dress. It is so girly, fresh and feminine. Perfect for the summer!

Navy Jacquared Blouse

This is so unusual and smart and being a dark navy it will go with most things in your wardrobe. I love the shape of this blouse too especially around the neck.

Navy Stripe High Waisted Trousers

A perfect partner for the aforementioned blouse, these trousers are a great, flattering shape and design. Perfect with killer heels or even summer flats and a hat.

These gorgeous pieces are just a handful of the designs in   Marras beautiful summer online collection there were so many more I wanted to include in this post! The designs are so bold and eye catching yet feminine and classic.

Worth a browse!

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