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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dinner at The Waldorf Hotel, London (what what)

I can't actually believe it's already Tuesday! The last four days or so have gone so quickly... even Monday which normally drags it's arse along the floor whizzed by AND it was sunny -  Hurrah! Long may it last...

Hope everyone had a nice weekend (even if it does already seem ages ago) The highlight of mine was a lovely Saturday spent with hubby. We first went to Westfield shopping centre, Stratford in the afternoon for a mooch (and so I could stock up on some must haves that had long run out) then we slowly made our way across town as we had dinner reservations at the Waldorf hotel in London... I know! Posh or what?! Patrick saw a special offer for dinner there on a website a couple of months ago so booked it for us. I can't believe it has come around so quickly actually.

I will show you a proper photo of the dress I wore there later this week as I didn't get a chance to take a full length pic and also it is so versatile so I want to do a post purely for that dress (it deserves one).

When we initially walked into the hotel I couldn't have felt more like a fish out of water! It is so grand and in places such as that I worry so much that I won't act 'correctly' or may slightly trip in my high heels in front of everyone. Despite that first worry though, I felt very at home there very quickly (seeing a posh looking fellow sitting by the window with his finger up his hooter certainly helped me feel more normal). 

We still had half an hour before our reservation when we got there so went to the bar for a quick drink. I'm not drinking and hubby was driving so we both treated ourselves to a non alcoholic cocktail which was scrummy! The bar is lovely and as you walk in you are greeted and shown to a table where you browse the menu and are then waited on. Lovely! Makes a difference from the local up the road that's for sure.

Once we were done we made our way to the restaurant. For starters I had vegatable soup and for mains I had Duck, Cauliflower puree and roasted courgette, dessert was a lemon and almond tart. It was all very delicious!

The restaurant itself was glorious with beautiful huge crystal chandeliers adorning the ceiling. The staff were very friendly and helpful and we were given a nice amount of time between courses to chat and let our food go down before enjoying our next course.

The overall evening was lovely, the only slight let down was a couple at the next table who spent at least £200 on champagne and french wine to go with their dinner which resulted in the lady becoming a bit (lot) worse for wear and shall we say having heated (loud) discussions with her husband / spouse / lover (whoever). She was very angry about a lot of things but we couldn't quite make out what she was angry about (her french accent and the noise of other conversations drowned out the majority of it) By the time we were getting ready to leave, a member of staff had come over to politely ask them to keep the noise down as other diners were complaining which surprisingly baffled them! We heard them saying to eachother that they were not being loud at all and wondering who could have moaned. We couldn't believe they hadn't noticed us turning to look at them (I had my back to them) nor had they seen the staff looking at them either as well as other guests. Mind you, he had his back to the restaurant and through her bolly goggles I doubt she could see much beyond him!

On the way home we had a drive past some of London's landmarks. We always do that whenever we are in town because no matter how many times we go to London I still love it and still love seeing the sights.

Perfect day.

DAPPER: Hubby waiting to order at the Waldorf

HUNGRY: Me waiting to order (with the gentleman friend of the tipsy lady behind!)

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