Thursday, 13 June 2013

Does botox actually make you look older?

Lately I have noticed a few more lines around the eyes to show where the good times have been and a few more furrows in my brow to show where the frowns have been, which got me thinking about the kind of treatments and 'fixes' that are out there to get rid of these little blighters. Nowadays it seems everyone is on an endless quest for eternal youth fuelled by the media who glamorise the lives of the young, rich and famous and point out the flaws of the once young, rich and famous.

 I know a couple of people who have had botox done and say to me that if you only have it once, maybe twice a year by a professional who knows what they are doing you should still look natural rather than the celebrities who have it done once a month and have ended up looking well, a bit odd.

So, because I have been looking into treatments to give my skin a bit of a lift (we are talking at best derma facials people) it did make me look into the results a bit more and study pictures of celebrities who are well known for their love of fakery and those who aren't. The one thing that stood out to me the most in every botoxed celeb is the fact that even though their faces may be wrinkle free, they actually look older than they really are! I don't know what it is about them. Hair and make up styles probably play a part also however botox free celebs favour heavy make up from time to time too and still look as though they belong in their age group.

I can't quite put my finger on it...

This discovery was the final nail in the coffin of my 'botox' plan. I have got a stubborn faint line on my lip that I hate and ALWAYS notice whenever I look in the mirror and it is a constant reminder to why I gave up smoking (apart from the life threatening reasons why of course). That line is the main reason I have even looked into such treatments and came about writing this article however rather than fiddle with said line maybe I should just keep it so it reminds me I don't want anymore forming. 

And even though I might not have a perfect face (far from it!) Hopefully I still look my age,  unlike some other folks I can think of....

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Fearne Cotton and Jodie Marsh, both 31:

They both have completely different styles which could also make them seem different ages but I can't help but think it is because Jodie has had a bit of work done. It makes you look ageless almost because you look fake. Think of Michael Jackson in the end, if you hadn't known his age would you have been able to guess it? I love Jodie's foxy, firey, youthful red hair but still think she looks about five years older than her 31 years.

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Taylor Swift and Amy Childs, both 23:

Both beautiful young girls however Amy's love of botox and whatever else makes her look at least five years older in my view yet she is almost a year younger than Ms. Swift! Taylor looks fresh faced and embraces her youth with cute, fun fashion whereas Amy embraces all things big, bling and fake which only adds years onto her very young age. At 23 there really is no need to have had any kind of surgery or extreme beauty procedure done. You're only just an adult!

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Dawn O'Porter and Katie Price, 34 and 35 respectively:

Ok so Katie is nearly a year older than Dawn but I can't help thinking that Dawn looks like she is only just around her milestone 30th birthday (in fact I thought she was the same as me, 28) whereas Katie, well again I don't know what age she looks really. I think of women in their 30's being in their prime, carrying that bit of youth over from their 20's mixed with a little bit of life experience. Personally, I think Katie looks like she has had a hard life.... maybe having been married goodness knows how many times, she has!

All of the above - to me - are naturally beautiful women who did not / do not need any artificial help to enhance their appearance. Proof if any were needed that there really isn't anything more beautiful than what you were naturally blessed with or youth.

Lesson learnt! I think my smokers line and I will stick with face creams and lots of water for now then.


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