Monday, 24 June 2013

Food Coma

This weekend has been lovely as we have spent most of it catching up with good friends and what's even better is we have been catching up with them over GOOD FOOD. Yum!

On Friday we went out in Billericay with our chums Sara and Jamie and tried out Mexican restaurant 'Chimichanga' for the first time. I hadn't really eaten much during the day so was starving by the time we got there. So much so I was the piggiest I have been in a long time and had THREE COURSES. The gluttony! It was good though. We had a sharing platter to start with and I had a Burrito for my main course followed by a chocolate brownie and ice cream for dessert. What a fatty. I made sure I went for a run Saturday morning that's for sure! Afterwards I was so full I wanted to put my PJ's on and go to bed! We went for a drink after though in one of our favourite pubs on the high street which was a lovely end to the evening. 

Chimichangas, Billericay - Mexican

I have been having dairy far too regularly for someone with an intolerance so am going to knock that on the head  now because it makes me feel ill! Dairy also affects your breathing and now I am running I don't want that to happen. I have noticed an improvement in my breathing this week which is encouraging and makes me want to stop having dairy even more.

Saturday night we went over to our close friends Sarah and Scott for dinner and had a really nice evening chatting away, putting the world to right and catching up. We also talked about so many different things along the lines of what we used to do when we were younger and wouldn't do now and realised how much we had suddenly turned into grown ups without realising!! Quite scary...

They cooked us a yummy chicken and seafood paella - one of my favourite dishes! It was so sooo yummy. I haven't had paella in so long so I really looked forward to it.

The Bracken's Abode, Laindon - Paella.

On Sunday my hubby made his signature Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner which always goes down a treat. Plenty of running needed this week to work off the lovely weekend as well as going back to healthy eating (again). 

Nice to have a treat though!

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