Thursday, 27 June 2013

Get Nakd

I just wanted to write a quick post to mention how scrummy these little buggers are! What's more they are dairy, gluten and wheat free with no sugar or syrup. They are are just binded fruit and nuts with natural flavouring (for example the cocoa orange bar had cocoa powder and orange peel) That's it folks, they're naked! Or nakd.

My personal fave is the pecan pie flavour but to be honest they're all really yummy! Great for me too  because at the moment I seem to be going through a phase of craving sweet things. Not my cup of tea usually, I tend to go weeks without wanting or eating treats such as cake or chocolate but lately it has been a lot more frequent! These little babies sort that craving right out and what's more they are so much better to eat than a cupcake.

I clock watched all morning today willing it to be lunchtime so I could scoff my lunch then eat my nakd bar! Yes, I know how sad that sounds!

Try them though, they are great if you are trying to be healthier.

Available to buy at most stores or you can but them online - - which actually works out cheaper than buying them individually in the shops.


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