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Thursday, 27 June 2013

HomeSense Shopping Spree

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at HomeSense who asked if I would like to be sent a voucher to spend in my local store so I could get to know what the brand was all about and what they stock. Ummmm, YES PLEASE!

This has come at the perfect time too as of course I am decorating and accessorising our abode so already had lots of bits in mind that I wanted or needed to buy.

I have actually shopped at HomeSense before - Our funky stripey bathroom towels are from there and in our flat we had a few accessories we had bought from there also, but for those of you who don't know or haven't heard of the brand before, this is a little summary of what they are about:

 “HomeSense stores provide customers with an eclectic and ever changing mix of branded home ware for every room in the home at up to 60% off the RRP. We buy direct from brand owners and artisans all over the world, negotiate great deals and then pass the savings onto our customers. Our stores feature up to 50,000 items for the home while with daily deliveries bringing 10,000 new items of new stock each week so customers will always discover something different every time they visit.”

If you have ever shopped at or do shop at TK Maxx you will know they have a HomeSense within them in the larger stores where you can browse at pretty things and pick up a fab bargain.

I first went to HomeSense a couple of weeks back to have a look around at what they had with a mental note of what I needed and came away with a couple of new purchases. My first buy was a set of new tea towels which we were desperate for! Ours had long since seen better days and I wanted some girly, pretty ones as I want the kitchen to eventually be 'girly' and 'pretty' (much to the annoyance of my husband!) These tea towels are cute and eye catching. On that same trip I also spotted a cushion in the sale for £7 which was exactly what I was looking for for the bedroom. I have wanted a cushion for the bed for a while and the colour of the flowers on this cushion are almost exactly the same as the green wallpaper we have.

FIRST SPREE: Cushion for £7 and set of three tea towels for £4.99

On my second trip there this week to spend the remaining part of my balance I had hoped to find they still had my tea towels as I wanted to get some more deciding three was definitely not enough but alas they had none. That is the thing with HomeSense though, a lot of stuff can be unique so if you spot something you love it is best to get it! That is a positive comment about them though as it is nice to know you are buying something that potentially no-one else has (or at least they don't have exactly the same one).

Instead of expanding my tea towel collection I bought a new vase for the living room which was in the sale for £7, needed for the 'twig lights' we had to go in there. The vase is clear and a dusky pink shade which I love. I wanted a simple vase because of the floral wallpaper and like that this has a slight tint to it. I also bought a new candlestick / candelabra (not quite sure what this is classed as? Candelabra I think!) for the dining table and cute, floral, GIRLY oven gloves for my ever  - becoming  - girly kitchen! Like the tea towels, our current oven gloves were passed their best days.

NEW VASE: Love the dusky pink! Bargain at £7 in the sale.

GIRLY!: Oven gloves £3.99

TA DA! New candelabra for the dining table £7.99 

So that was it! £30 gift voucher spent (OK I did go over by 97p) and I must admit, I got a lot more bit's than I thought I would do! I am extremely happy with my purchases, I do think the accessories in your home are just as important as the decor.

What do you think of what I bought?

Have you shopped in HomeSense before and what did you think of it?

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