Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I'm turning into my mother.

The other day whilst faffing around in front of the bathroom mirror either squeezing or plucking something unwanted, I got caught sight of something. I gasped in horror and edged closer to the mirror to get a better look. My heart sank. There, poking out of my head like a crazy antenna was a wiry, coarse grey hair. 

 ''OH PLEASE NO.'' I whimpered.

It could have been a stray blonde fact I convinced myself after said incident that it was but if I am being very honest, the texture and colour says to me it was a grey hair.


The first signs of my youth fading....I stop dying my hair to give it a health boost and this is how it repays me.... (excuse me while I dramatically drape myself upon the sofa, hand - to - head, 1950's movie style).

The long and short of it is we can't stop growing older and as much as numbers scare me and I know always will, I also know deep down that as long as you keep happy and healthy that is all that matters. It is mad how you suddenly notice age's effects on you though.... I am not talking about the physical ones either.

I am definitely not the person I was ten even five years ago. The things that used to interest me or what I thought was fun or even what I ate is completely different. As a child, me and my brother used to sulk to the point of tears when our mum dragged us to Battlesbridge Antiques Fayre on a Sunday morning, to us there was nothing more boring than looking at old junk but now, I love the place! I love looking at old furniture and hunting for a bargain, to me it is now an idyllic way to spend a Sunday morning.

I find myself saying things to people like 'I love your curtains.' or 'Where did you buy that candle? It smells lovely' I get excited about painting a wall in the house or buying new bedding or ornaments. I have even started baking... BAKING!? I have never wanted to bake before, now I seem to do it every other week. I still love Friday nights as much as I ever have but now when it gets to 8.30 I'm not just heading out for the night all glammed up I'm on the sofa in a food coma from dinner, in my joggers watching Corrie. 

I even found myself saying this sentence the other week whilst out: *face palm*

'Look at those girls out with no jacket, I bet they're freezing'

The shame.

The 20 year old me was screaming 'YES! You know they are but a coat doesn't go with the outfit and you don't want to be in a cloakroom queue at the end of the night.' The irony about me thinking that is when I do go 'OUT out' I still don't take a coat for the same reasons... It has obviously been such a long time that I don't realise it anymore.

I look forward to going to bed, I say things like 'I am dying for a cuppa', I roll my eyes at teenagers, I get up early even at weekends, the list is endless!

I am definitely not the same person I was in the first flush of youth but you know what? I don't care! I like the person I am. I don't need to go out on the lash every weekend to feel like I have had a good time. I prefer spending  money on nice things for the home or for me or my hubby than booze and cigarettes! I also know that despite all this I am still a teenager at heart. I love being silly and immature, I spend far too much of my wages on clothes, I love seeing my friends and hate getting up for work. I love lazy days watching films or playing games and am a sucker for a shiny new must have gadget or fashion fad.

Yep, I definitely like the 28 year old me rather than 20 year old me. She is more content that's for sure!

There is still that immature side of me though who is thinking that as my next birthday is my last in my twenties I should do something a bit crazy. Not sure what yet though... ideas on a postcard please!

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  1. Saw one of the party buses in town the other day Nic - you know the ones that you pedal with a bar onboard.........xx


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