Monday, 10 June 2013

In the blink of an eye everything changes...

Life goes by so quickly....

Fashion fads come and go before we have had a chance to wear them in, people come into our lives, make an impact and then disappear again just as quickly as they came in. I actually heard once that apparantly when particular people come into our lives, influence us and then disappear again it is simply because fate sent them at that particular time because whether or not we realised it then, we needed them. So next time you feel sad about a particular friend you no longer see, smile at the fact that you knew them and that they came into your life.

Buildings change, pubs sell up and close down only to be left empty and boarded up. Our hair grows longer only to be cut off again. Neighbours move in then move on again years later. Heels on our shoes wear down resulting in that annoying little stone that makes it's way in. Children grow up.

We go out on the town, meet someone, fall in love, date, move in together, marry, become parents and settle down going from sleeping off a hangover come Saturday morning to being up with the lark and a crying baby.

Wrinkles appear to show the good times we have had, waistlines grow to show that too! Hair gets greyer.

Nothing stays the same. Sometimes that notion can make us feel slightly sad or nostalgic but most of the time that is a good thing.

Whether we like it or not, time flies and we only get one stab at life so it's best to make yourself as happy as you can be and be the best version of yourself that you can be. Life is for the alive. There is no time for negative thoughts or feeling blue.

Hug that person you love more often and tell them that you love them. See your elderly relatives more than you do no matter how much they drive you up the wall. Work hard at exams or your probation. Say yes to many more things than you say no to. As Marilyn Monroe once said:

'Have you noticed how 'what the hell' is always the right answer?'

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