Thursday, 6 June 2013

My Essentials!

We girls all have our toiletries and beauty bits and bobs that we just can't live without don't we? Those items that always run out at the worst possible time (either when it is desperately needed or when we are skint) and make us feel slightly uneasy until that moment we have a new one safely in our possession once again.

As I mentioned previously, my trusty MAC Pro Longwear foundation had run out last week, so close and yet SO FAR from payday which was the Friday just gone. Hubby was taking me out to dinner Saturday night and I had no foundation whatsoever so we went to Westfield first for a mooch so I could stock back up and whack some on my naked face in the public loo! Horror or horrors, when I got to the till to buy a new one they were OUT OF STOCK! ARGH! I had to make do with using a concealer on my face and hope that once I had applied blusher, eyeshadow and everything else I didn't look too bad! (I think I just got away with it).

So, on Sunday while sitting on my laptop logging into my MAC account and buying a much needed replacement I got to thinking about the other beauty items I feel I can't live without. There were more items than I thought!


This for me is a MUST HAVE now. I can be quite lazy when it comes to washing my hair and Batiste is amazing! I actually ran out of this stuff too a couple of weeks ago and so had to wait again until payday to buy me some more. It lasts so long though so is worth a purchase and a little goes a long way. It is a saviour between hair washes!


Moisturisers are a girls best friend and to me, so important! If I run out of face cream I come over in a cold sweat. My face can get dry too so it doesn't take long before foundation doesn't go on as smoothly if I haven't been applying day moisturiser before make up.


Does exactly what it says on the tin. It is so important to use this on your hair if your a heat fiend and I notice the difference when I don't use it so it is something I always make sure I buy.


This stuff is one of the most heavenly whiffs I have ever smelt. It is delicous! Fruity, sweet and fresh but not over powering and I bloody love the stuff. It is an everyday must for me to spritz this stuff on before and after getting dressed in the morning. I first discovered it when a friend bought me some in America, then whenever someone I knew went over there or I went over there I stocked up! Now I know there is one at Westfield my life is complete, I stocked up at the end of last year AND Saturday when I went as it was on offer so I think I am all set for smelling nice until about mid 2014.


Because my nails break so easily I rely on nail varnish making them look just that bit prettier and probably have every colour varnish out there. Still always find a shade I haven't got though! Barry M is my particular favourite brand to choose from.


This stuff is AH - mazing! Put it on after your moisturiser and before your make up to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines. How amazing is that? And it is available on the shelf in your local drugstore. It really is brilliant! I just wish the results were more permanent!


To carry on from smelling nice with my Victoria Secret spritz, I always have to have perfume in my possession or I am uneasy. There is nothing better than getting out of the shower all clean, spritzing yourself with body spray and finishing off with perfume. Mmmm, I smell gooood!

What are your must haves?

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  1. Love the VO5 Heat protective spray - one of the best ones I've used!
    Saadiya x


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