Monday, 10 June 2013

My weekend in Pictures....

FRIDAY NIGHT: My sister in law came to stay and we indulged in a 20'' pizza feast and a movie!

SATURDAY: I went for coffee with my friend Chris who I did a scriptwriting course with to help set me on my creative way then came home and ran off some of Friday night's pizza!

SATURDAY NIGHT: After a busy day exercising, writing and doing housework we went for dinner with our friend up the local pub.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Here in Essex the sun didn't shine as much as I hoped it would have however we still had a nice couple of days. I was SHATTERED this weekend, all I wanted to do was sleep! I could have quite happily slept and done nothing nor seen anybody and that would have suited me nicely! I did however do all the household stuff that needed doing and spent some time catching up with special people which is always nice.
Monday is here again and I am surviving on coffee to keep my peepers open1 It isn't so bad though is it? The week soon flies by back to the weekend again.
Have a good one! 

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