Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Specky Four Eyes.

I am as blind as a bat.

Without my contact lenses or my glasses I can see... well, not much at all. Sad but true. Lucky for me I get on with contact lenses and have a brilliant optician who is excellent at helping me out should I ever come across any problems with my lenses or eyes.

A little while ago now I was asked by online spectacle company SpecsPost whether I would like to sample a few frames from their range, see which pair I liked the most to then send back and have my prescription put into. As my current frames were a bit overdue an update the timing couldn't have been better and I jumped at the chance.

I got to pick out three different pairs up to the value of £45 each which I thought was great although they have such a vast collection to choose from it was actually quite hard to decide and took me a while!
I have always (long before everyone started wearing them over the last couple of years) been into GEEK glasses or the wayfarer type style of frames. I always hated wearing glasses as a teen so as an adult thought that if I had to wear them I may as well get funky with it, so I embraced the geek within. My favourite sunglasses are my RayBan Wayfarers and I will love them forever firstly because I love the 80's and 90's which this retro style of frame reminds me of and I love Jack Nicholson who - to me  - isn't complete without a pair of Wayf's on his grinning face. Because of this, I had a little search on their site for a wayfarer frame.

I do also tend to stick to this similar style of frame because I know they suit me, I have had other styles and colours before and I have loved them but have always gone back to geek style! My last pair were a slightly rounder style of frame so I decided I wanted something more square this time which is where the wayfarer fetish arose again. Sure enough, Specspost had a pair I could request! I also requested another pair in red which unfortunately were too small and another pair of rounded red frames which were too big! It was a shame however it was the wayfarers I wanted and they fitted perfectly so I was more than happy! I have quite a small face so it was a surprise the smaller frames didn't fit me but that was just me guessing my size and guessing a little too small!

I am happy to say that all along the way, SpecsPost were very communicative and quickly answered any emails I sent or questions I had. When I sent back the frames for my prescription to be applied the turn around time was so quick! I didn't even realise the postman could be so fast!  I got an email on the Friday afternoon advising my glasses had been posted and they turned up special recorded delivery Saturday morning. Amazing!

Because I do have such a high prescription I do unfortunately have a problem with glasses being slightly too heavy because of the lenses which is why I always opt for wearing lenses. However, for wearing glasses on a lazy Sunday or on those evening where I feel my eyes have had enough of having something stuck in them, glasses are great. These fit my face perfectly and look super stylish! I am very happy with them indeed. The whole experience of dealing with SpecsPost was delightful, for me customer service plays a big part in whether or not I would recommend them or use them again and I would definitely recommend people to SpecPost. The price range of the frames is great and so is the choice and the turn around time and customer service is excellent.

Thanks SpecsPost! I am enjoying my new Wayfarers very much!

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