Thursday, 13 June 2013

When it comes to men: Is less more?

I read this week that apparantly men really don't like fuss when it comes to us ladies and when I say fuss I mean radical or quirky fashion items and heavy make up.

In general (of course there are exceptions) men like to see a natural, girl next door looking face on top of an LBD and classic heels rather than smokey black eyes, wild pink ombre hair and brogues, a tartan skirt and band motiff tee with 'geek' glasses.

Is this true?

News that men do not like it when they can see make up on a woman's face is not new. I have heard that time and time again in fact I remember reading it in teen magazines in my youth and it always stuck with me when applying my 'face'. I must admit, I myself don't like it when I can see make up on a woman, that whole extra layer on top of their skin with a life of it's own so I can understand why men certainly don't. Also, men are very well publicised for not being the most observant of creatures so if they can notice your make up then yes you probably are wearing a smidge too much.

Our dress sense though? Are we gonna get it in the ribs for enjoying fashion or using our style to define who we are? Come on guys...... not cool! I can kind of understand this to a point. I love fashion and I love being a bit quirky too and there have been plenty of times when my husband has gone 'you're not wearing that are you?!' I have also seen people who are maybe a bit too 'out there' with their attire or fall in the 'fashion victim' colomn (Eek! I hate even writing that, people should wear what they wanna after all shouldn't they?) I digress, all in all my hubby gets that my style is all down to my creative flair (creative is all I have dammit) and of course he married me knowing this so over all he likes it. When pinned down and asked to give a writable summary of his thoughts about it he simply said 'It's nice that I like to be a bit unique and he likes who I am and my dress sense shows who I am.' He also liked that I can look very different in appearance one day to the next... a comment was made along the lines of having four different wives.

What are the rules then for a lady out there looking for love? LBD every time? Leave the dungarees and wedge heel trainers locked up out of sight at home guarded by a troll? What about this guy seeing the true you? Surely if the LBD isn't your style you shouldn't have to go out and buy one? I love dressing up as much as I love dressing down; I love a classic feminine dress with killer heels and red lippy but I also love jeans, converse and scruffy tied back hair. I think it is important to be who you are and surely that is very important on your first date too isn't it? Otherwise he might get a shock a couple of months down the line when this girly girl he has been dating suddenly swaps her cutesy look for something a bit more funkier or edgier! And if he likes YOU then he will like how you come packaged too won't he?

So, as Oscar Wilde said:

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