Monday, 29 July 2013

Back to reality: The post holiday blues....

Monday! Oh Monday! Here you are again, you sneak up on us just when we are feeling at our most relaxed and de-stressed (Sunday night) and then you pounce! Making us rise once again for another working week. It's even worse when you are returning from a weeks holiday too - sometimes I think it is actually easier to have not have a holiday because you don't have to have that dreaded 'first day back' (I wouldn't give up on holidays though of course! That's just silly).
Your first day back at work after a lovely break is hellish because first off, you don't feel like your brain is back fully functioning or switched back into 'work mode' after so long spent in 'relax mode' plus nine times out of ten you get into work and feel so out of the loop - even if it hasn't been crazy busy.You don't know whether to start on your emails, your post, your paperwork. EEK.

AQUABEST: Relaxing in the hot sun.
Last week my husband, brother, his girlfriend and of course me went to Holland for a week. My hubby's mum lives over there now and she has gone on holiday for a month - yes, a MONTH - with her hubby so we thought we would have a cheap break and stay in their apartment for a week. We had such a good time! Eindhoven city centre is just over half an hour walk away so we went into town quite a lot for lunch, dinner or for a wander around and some drinks. We had a couple of chilled out days where we mooched about and laid in the sun on the balcony and also spent a day at a place called 'Aquabest' which is basically a massive freshwater lake with water sports  / facilities as well as a little beach and grass to laze on all day. That was lush! Our major day out was to Amsterdam which is about an hours drive from their flat. It was stifling hot walking around the city but we had a lovely day looking around at all the wierd and wonderful things that go on there as well as stopping for drinks at various places and having a bite to eat. We were given some relief from the heat too as we made our way back to the train station when the heavens opened and it poured with rain. Never been so greatful for a downpour in all honesty!
It was lovely to have a break away and so so nice to spend time with my brother and my sister in law. If we ever visit them in Liverpool or they visit here it is usually only ever a few days or a long weekend so over a week of their company was lovely.

AMSTERDAM: The only acceptable picture I took there which could be shared on my blog.
But, here I am now back at work and back to normal. That week went so quick I already don't actually feel like I have been away! This time last week I was laying in the sun by the river and now I am sitting at my desk thinking about the fact that this time last week I was laying in the sun by the river.
The nice thing is  knowing I have some fab things coming up to look forward to! A couple of weddings and receptions, couple of birthday bashes as well as our spa weekend in September for our wedding anniversary and another cheeky holiday in November. I really can't grumble at all.
I will though for bit.....just a bit.

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  1. Hey Nic, Glad you had a good time. We're having an absolutely fab time can't wait to see you all and tell you all about it........xx


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