Wednesday, 3 July 2013

July Photo a day Challenge, Day Three: Cold.

If you don't know what the July 'Photo a Day' Challenge is, you can find out here.

DAY 3: Cold....

This photo was taken in February 2012 when we were making our way back from a party during which there had been a downpour of snow and our main road home (A127) had not been gritted despite weather warnings (Quelle surprise!). At first, we had to sit with our engines off for two and a half hours (you couldn't even make out where the road or the verges were, it was one layer of thick snow) then once the road had finally been gritted and reopened we had the god awful task of trying to get our car the remaining eight miles home.

At the time we had a Mercedes Kompressor which was rear wheel drive and therefore went NOWHERE. We had to rely on the hope that strangers would push us and help us when we got stuck. Patrick and another samaritan seemed to be the hero's of the hour, helping each other out and other drivers who found themselves snowbound.

We left the party in Laindon at 11.30pm and got home into our flat in Westcliff (approx 13 miles distance) at 6.45am. SIX FORTY FIVE A.M. 

It took us an hour and a half just to park the car somewhere decent in our cul de sac it was that impossible to drive.

I do not wish to go through anything like that again EVER.

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