Tuesday, 2 July 2013

July Photo a day Challenge, Day Two: Shoes!

If you don't know what the July 'Photo a Day' challenge is, you can find out here.

DAY 2: Shoes....

I love shoes!

The reason I have picked these as my pair to pap is because I have just rediscovered them in my wardrobe and fallen back in love with them.

I have shoes of all different price scales - If I love them I will buy them whether they are £10 or £100! Shoes are my weakness. These were from a shop in Lakeside that I can't even remember the name of for about £30 in the sale (I think) and as you can see are well worn but definitely have much more wear left in them yet!


  1. I love shoes too! haha. Isn't it just the best when you rediscover items again. Yellow shoes can make such a statement. I love my yellow heels.

    1. Yes, these shoes really make some outfits into a statement piece because of the yellow!


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