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Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Ultimate Style Crushes

I am a huge fan of fashion, clothes and the statements you can make with them. I am always people watching and admiring how pthey put certain outfits together. The high street is the best catwalk after all and a great place to get style inspiration!  I don't think fashion or being a fashion fan is always about wearing the most up to date trends. In fact, sometimes I find the current trends either don't appeal to me or just don't suit me. I think - as the quote says - style never goes out of fashion. If something works for you, you should keep doing it. Whether it is the retro 50's housewife look or the rock chick look. It is what makes you who you are!

When it comes to certain looks I must admit, I was either born with the wrong taste in clothes or the wrong body shape because my fashion lusts are usually more tailored to the more skinny a person unlike myself. I am not saying I am fat but I know I am not Kate moss. (This fact will also become very apparent when you read thorugh my style crushes).

All in all, I think my look is quite versatile as I like dressing down as much as I like dressing up. I like being scruffy and I like being glam. I tend to go from 'daytime scruffy chic to chic chic' I guess? without sounding like I am blowing my own trumpet on the 'chic chic' bit there! 

And on the days where I don't have a clue what to wear? How to wear it and what to wear it with? I turn to these fabulous fashionistas for a little bit of guidance and inspiration:

Daisy Lowe
*Photo courtesy of contactmusic.com

This girl is cool and effortlessly stylish. She rocks the casual look with ease and makes jaws drop when done up to the nines for an evening out. Every outfit she wears, she looks absolutely amazing in and she is also stunning. WADDA BITCH.

Fearne Cotton

*Photo courtesy of yahoo.com

Beautiful Fearne is a tattoo lover like me and that isn't just where I feel our smilarities lie! I love that she can be pictured one day dressed down, scruffy and with no make up and then absolutely glammed up the next day. She obviously dresses for her mood which I would say I do for sure! She has a great eye for putting outfits together too, some wierd and wacky but it works every time too! Even while pregnant she looked stylish, as shown in this pic.

Peaches Geldof
*Photo courtesy of theplace2.ru

Another rock 'n' roll chick who likes to play around with various looks, styles, accessories and glam it up on a night out. I love Peaches love for red lippy and dark liquid eyeliner across her eyelids. Her sister Pixie is also another fab fashionista.....must be in the Geldof blood!

ULTIMATE Style Crush.... Sarah Jessica Parker

*photo courtesy of instyle.co.uk
*photo courtesy of monstersandcritics.com

*photo courtesy of telegraph.co.uk
Where do I start with this lady? She is 100% flying the fashion flag for ladies in their forties and if I can be just a pinch as glamorous as her at that age I will be happy. Like most ladies, I fell totally in love with her wardrobe when I first watched her as Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex and the City'. A character she will always be loved and remembered for and who catapulted her into the fashionista status she still upholds today. Even dressed down, walking through New York with her children she looks stylish and cool. She love love LOVES shoes and what's even better is, she recently spoke out about how wearing cheap shoes ruined her feet after years wearing designer shoes on SATC, finally giving all of us chicks a genuine reason why it is acceptable to splash the cash on designer footwear. ''It's better for my health honey, I am doing it for my health....!'' I deteste the critism she gets for her looks because I honestly think she is beautiful and makes the most of who she is and what she has got. She is also growing old gracfully and embracing every wrinkle that appears.

All hail the great SJP!!

*repeatedly bows*

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