Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Scruffy Chic.

JACKET: Vintage Levi LEGGINGS: Topshop TEE: Asos SANDALS: Ebay

DRESS: Topshop JACKET: Asos BOOTS: Linzi BAG: Fiorelli

As much as I love getting ready to go out, taking my time and making sure that my make up and hair is perfect, I do love being a scruff too! I like having the contrasting looks mainly because, on the days where I have to go out and cannot face spending much time to get ready then I don't have to, but also because when I am done up for a special occasion, it stands out! 

There are times when I do regret going out completely scruffy though, with messy pulled back hair and no make up. Mainly when we bump into work colleagues of my husbands who haven't met me before which is what happened at the weekend! I had just washed my hair too so not only was it scrunched up on my head it was soaking wet! I also had no make up on and a dry nose thanks to hayfever! Nice one! I think the rule is scruffy chic is OK to a degree so long as you are still presentable to the public! I definitely know that if we pop out somewhere last minute THIS weekend I will at the very least have some slap on my face... unlike in the pics above! (lesson learnt).

These are just a couple of the contrasting looks I like to sport for when I am having a casual day.

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