Friday, 5 July 2013

Special words...captured forever.

For a while now I have been wanting to type up hubby's wedding speech to put on the wall ever since he found it tucked away somewhere a few months ago. I kept it on my bedside table as a constant reminder that it still needed to be done but continued to overlook it.

I was given this frame by my lovely friend Vicky who got it in a pound shop but no longer needed  it (thanks Vicky!) which suddenly kicked me up the arse and inspired me as to what I wanted to do with the speech. I typed it up in all different types of font to make it look funky and stand out and that was it. Unfortunately there is no glass for the frame but now it is on the wall at the top of the stairs it actually doesn't matter and it makes it easier to read without the glare from any lights reflecting on the glass. Because of where it's hanging it is readable but not 'touchable' if that makes sense? So it doesn't need glass.

I'm very pleased with it and once the hall is eventually painted from grey to white it will stand out even more. Most of all though I am extremely pleased to have a lovely piece of that day to reflect on. He made a really nice speech and now we have it on display for us and everyone to look back on.


  1. My husband only suggested this week that we put our wedding readings in frames (we didn't have speeches). It's such a good idea to be able to look back on them. I love the fonts you've used, really eye-catching.

    1. Thank you! I had it my head how I wanted it to look so am very pleased with the outcome indeed! You should do it! Not many people do it seems... or the wedding invites framed would be a nice diea maybe? Our best man found his speech a while back and it was hilairious so i am tempted to put that somewhere too! xx


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