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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Great OK! Magazine Backlash

Us dames get a hard time in the press, we are constantly bombarded with images of women who are either 'too thin' or 'too fat' or have 'wobbly bits' or 'potruding bones' the list is endless and no female is safe. Dare to flash your bod in a bikini on holiday and your flesh is up for public discussion and every inch of you is analysed.
It is getting very boring and tiresome but I for one can read it, scoff and then read the next article without it having much effect. Youngsters of today though not so much. Teenage girls and boys are online as much as they possibly can be these days and they are influenced by what they read and see so when they see their idols or public figures being ridiculed for having a natural paunch, a bit of cellulite or a spot it will hit them hard and they will feel their own bodies are disgusting.
Lately, what I have read online has really annoyed me and I was glad to read yesterday that I am not alone. What with all the hype surrounding the arrival of Prince George Alexander last week, Kate and William (but mainly Kate) have been splashed all over newspapers and glossy mags. One magazine that has stood out for all the wrong reasons though is OK! Magazine with it's 'Souvenier Edition' promoting an 'Exclusive Duchess and diet shape up plan'.
The July 30 issue of the magazine was printed just hours after the birth of the new royal addition and prompted widespread anger leading to many calling for people to boycott the mag altogether. It included an 'exclusive' interview with Kate's personal trainer with the quote: 'She's super fit, her stomach will shrink straight back.''
When Kate appeared outside St. Mary's Hospital alongside her Royal husband and new son, she looked beautiful. She was glowing, happy and natural and even more importantly, showed off her post pregnancy tummy with pride. And why shouldn't she? Like any new mother her body has just been through a very big ordeal, a natural one yes but a big ordeal. You have to be extremely lucky to be one of those who 'ping' straight back into shape afterwards. (I did once know someone who did just that, straight after birth..WADDA BITCH). Your body takes time (a lot of it) to recover and there is NOTHING wrong with that as TV and Radio Presenter Katy Hill proved by tweeting a photo of herself two months after having had given birth with the caption: ''New Mums. If the @Ok_Magazine #Kate cover has made you feel bad, here's me 2months post baby. YOU MADE A HUMAN!x'' Oh Katy, you little gem. Your are beacon of bright light shining through thick dirty smoke.

*Photo courtesy of Katy Hill's twitter.

Sharing this snap with her Twitter followers and now pretty much the nation (I also believe this has even made news over the pond) Katy has proved that it is natural and NORMAL to still look like you have had a baby, two months after having had a baby. Your pregnancy hormones that are built to store fat are still flying around your body, that's biology for ya! it doesn't give a shit about fashion.
OK! are not the worse offenders of this kind of article and have since issued a statement apologising if they caused people offence. The long and short of it is, we are constantly bombarded from all angles with images of celeb mums who fit back into their size 6 skinny jeans a week or two after having given birth and make all the 'real' new mums out there feel crappy for not. I'm not saying that celeb mums are not real mums, of course they are! but they are lucky to have the luxury of chefs, home help, personal trainers and staff to assist them with their new born and weight loss plans.
Exercise after birth is obviously a good idea both for your body and your wellbeing. Leaving littlun with your partner or a relative a couple of times a week while you go for a swim or a run is great for you because it gives you back some 'you' time and gets your body back into shape sensibly and naturally without pressure. Us women want the best figure we can possible have but putting your new born baby's needs comes above all that.  It is hard enough work having a newborn without putting yourself under strain to lose weight super quick too.
So, to all those mags out there who keep nit picking us women and our weight - As Katy Hill, mums and womenfolk alike out there have proven, we have had enough.

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