Thursday, 4 July 2013

Who are RockStar Youth?

This Saturday (6th July) I am attending the Rockstar Youth Entrepreneurs StartUp Loans campaign which is aimed at helping 18 - 30 year olds in starting up their own business.
Rockstar Youth are the leading delivery partner for the governments start up loans drive, offering start up loans of up to £10,000 and free mentoring for successful applicants.

I am extremely interested and excited to be attending this event as I think it is so important to support young people with great ideas to both help them work towards a better future for themselves and for the work indsustry within the UK. The more young people that are helped towards their goal of running a successful business then the more jobs it provides for future generations.

I got the chance to have a quick chat with Jonathan Pfahl, the founder of Rockstar Youth ahead of Saturday's event.

Jonathan Pfahl:

1) What made you decide to set up Rock star youth? 

I set up rockstar youth in 2011 as by that stage rockstar mentoring, its parent company had been approached by hundreds of young and ambitious entrepreneurd who had great business ideas and wanted access to our mentors but unfort couldn't afford it, so we subsidised it and made it free for 18-30 year olds. I see it as my csr and since working with james caan and the startup loans scheme, we've created nearly 1000 new jobs for young people in 6 months! 

2) Why do you think it is important to encourage the younger generation to consider starting up a business of their own?

I don't think they need encouragement. The desire is absolutely there already! Never before have I seen so many 18-30 year olds no longer wanting to be full time employees in high paying jobs... The last recession has shown them company loyalty and long term future careers at one firm is a thing of the past. They all want to be their own boss. From our perspective, its just great to be able to help them do so. 

3) What are you hoping people will take away from Saturdays event?

The incubators we run all over the country and this weekend in essex is all about focussing the young business owners into the most important aspect of any start up, and that is sales. The incubator teaches them dozens of different ways to sell as much of their product or service using as many cost effective marketing strategies they can - which allows them to only be spending their time in front of people who are most likely to buy from them. The opposite to that is being a "busy fool" we teach them their time is their biggest asset and they must use it wisely at the very beginning so their company is successful.

Also at Saturday's event, former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger will be giving a talk about the importance of funding and mentoring in young people starting up new businesses and drawing on her own experience in setting up her successful beauty business 'Lauren's Way'. Another great stepping stone for RockStar because of her instantly recognisable persona and brand which will attract eager young people to come along and listen to what their options are.

For more information on Saturday's event or any future events you can follow RockStar Youth on Twitter @rockstaryouth1

Saturday's event takes place at the Nightingale Centre in Warley and starts at 10.00. If you wish to attend you need to sign up to the incubator via the website

ADVICE: Lauren Goodger will be at this Saturday's event in Warley.

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  1. A big thanks for coming on Saturday Nicki. Was a pleasure meeting you and so glad you found it insightful.

    I wish you all the best for your business too!

    Jonathan Pfahl


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