Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bye Bank Holiday....

I SOOO did NOT want to get up this morning....

I wasn't even tired and was laying in bed wide awake before 6am so it wasn't lack of sleep keeping me trapped under my duvet, it was simply the realisation that the longed for bank holiday weekend was over.

Having had a busy few weeks of late, we were looking forward to having a whole extra 24 hours added to our weekend, 50% extra free! Just knowing that on Sunday evening while we were slouched on the sofa with a cuppa watching TV we didn't have to set our our alarm for Monday morning gave us a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

We had a fab weekend catching up with friends and family, had some good food and saw some crazy weather! I cannot believe the downpour that hit Essex on Saturday, it was monsoon weather! And it did not let off all day. We were out and about Saturday and just five seconds out of the car resulted in huge drops of rain running off of my soaked fringe and down my face! Drains were overflowing and roads and paths were flooded - and I means REALLY flooded.

I could not believe the images I saw of Southend seafront that evening, it was complete chaos! The arcades flooded, the clifftops turned into dangerous waterfalls and the main road into Southend had to be closed too due to severe flooding where the road dips. If you haven't seen pics you should give them a quick Google. What is most sad about the flooding is the aftermath and damage. Sunday was a nicer day and yesterday was lovely and warm so on a normal bank holiday people would have flocked to the seafront to make the most of it. I wonder if people did yesterday though?

Because we had a busy couple of days out and about we decided to have a lazy one yesterday and make no plans. I had so much washing to catch up on and picked the best day of the three to leave it for as it dried really quick. We also went for a little walk and watched trashy TV in our joggers. Perfect!

That's it now for our Bank Holidays....I can't quite believe it! It is nearly September 2013 already. The next bank holiday now is over the festive holidays which will be here any minute the way this year is flying by! Before we start mentioning the 'C' word though I reckon we have some more sunny weekends left in this years summer yet. 

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend!

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