Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Selfie or self obsessed?

Sometimes social media sites really make me despair. The plus side of them is that they are great self publicising tools, great communication tools and fab for finding and re-establishing old friendships but on the downside they are nasty breeding grounds for trolling, self obsessing, boasting and the latest thing which has given me the agg: THE SELFIE.

Now, before I offend people I would like to point out that I do not mean every selfie. As a blogger I know the secret to gaining momentum, followers and therefore work is self promotion. You are your own PR system and have to put yourself out there in every way possible - especially fashion and beauty bloggers and what better way to do that that than Instagram? Posting outfit pics (or #OOTD) and make up pics so people can admire your slap applying skills. Those pics are fine. Hell, even pointless selfie's by your mates en captioned 'good skin day' or 'no make up' every now and then are fine. I should probably post many more selfie's on my Instagram than I do as I set up the account to promote my blog however I find posting pics of food and my house bunnies much more fun. I am not a 'selfie' person really and so always enjoy seeing pics of people / bloggers when they have a fab outfit on or have funky make up on and know how to snap themselves and make it look really eye catching. Most of mine just look awkward!

On the other end of the 'Selfie Scale' though, you have those obsessed with posting endless snaps of themselves mostly in revealing / provocative clothes and poses, pouting into their camera. In my age group (late twenties) you don't tend to have too many offenders; we didn't have social media in our teens and when we eventually had mobile phones they didn't take pictures so we grew up before a time when you could just snap pics whenever and wherever and post them online for all to see. For this teen generation though it is the norm and when you see / read about celeb after celeb posting  revealing selfie's online for their adoring fans to see, you can understand why the self obsessed selfie's are everywhere.

REVEALING: Helen Flanagan got into trouble for posting her 'gun to head' pic on the day of the funerals
of the Sandy Hook Massacre victim's and is quite partial to a revealing Instagram selfie as a handful of these snaps show. 

But do we really need to see them? Well, for some celebs it is all that they are famous for but for those who are globally successful in their own right: Why? Do we really need to see Rihanna's butt it a bikini close up? It's a nice ass don't get me wrong but with millions of impressionable young followers who think this is what they need to do to be like their idol should RiRi be a bit more careful? She proclaimed in an Instagram rant not so long ago that she never asked to be a role model after the Daily Mail's Liz Jones wrote a scathing article about why she was a terrible role model but Rihanna can't be that naive not to realise that when you become a global pop superstar, the role model / idol tag automatically comes hand in hand with that?

My main gripe with these selfie's though are those 'less successful' celebs who upload picture after picture of their naked bodies, bulging cleavages and whatever else they feel will get them attention. They are by no means daft because of course, posting a provocative snap gets them in the papers just as they intended but at what cost? Do they look cheap and as though they are worth nothing but the cost of the new chest they're flaunting? Do they look desperate? Self obsessed? I am not a prude, there is nothing wrong with posting a saucy snap or a bikini pic and there is nothing wrong with flaunting your figure if you love what you have got but I also don't think there is anything wrong with having some dignity too. I am 28 and married and still think about what my mum would think before posting tweets or photos. I am not a mummy's girl in the slightest and she isn't even social media sights so would never see them but I was just brought up to have respect for myself and my upbringing. If my mum somehow saw that I had posted cheap looking snaps of myself and thought that was all I was worth I know she would be disappointed. And knowing I would have disappointed my Mum would be the worst thing ever.

I would hate for teenage girls to see these celebrity Instagram pics and think that is how they have to be. I would hate them to think that the only way they will ever be noticed or admired is by stripping off and pouting because it isn't. The celebs who let it all hang out and act dumb are the one's who make it in the papers everyday (Those well known for something such as blockbuster films don't need to tip off the press every five minutes) and so these celebs are the ones youngsters will read about and who they think they will need to emulate to become 'successful'. After all, how easy does it seem to be to be famous these days? Post lots of provocative pictures and get lots of followers and then post tweets that grab you attention, easy right? Sod college and Uni fee's Mum just buy me a pair of new boobs.

I am not catergorising every young person as there are many who want a career and want to work hard but when you read about teen surveys asking who they want to be when they are older or who their idols are and number one is a reality star famous for doing nothing or getting their clothes off, it does make you wonder.

REVEALING: Imogen Thomas  is another lady quite partial to flashing the flesh
on the photo sharing media site. 

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