Thursday, 8 August 2013's Best Dressed Celebrities.

Don't you just love reading those fashion articles about celebs and what they are wearing?

I love nothing better than putting my feet up with a cuppa and biccie and fawning through glossy mags to see who is wearing what and where and who wore it best. Especially when you are given tips on how to steal the look. Sometimes I have been clothes shopping and seen things hanging up on display and thought 'How would you style that?! which is where a magazine can step in and help you out. Alternatively I have also bought an item of clothing with the intention of wearing it a certain way only to see it being styled completely differently by someone else.

On the other end of the fashion mag scale, the cheeky person inside of me does love a good look at those in celeb land who don't quite get it right in the fashion stakes. There are some who just miss the mark (bless them, we have all been there!) and there are those who spectacularly jump over the mark. (We know who they are!) which is a Fashion Search Engine website where you can find brands such as Topshop, Marks and Spencer, Monsoon, Boohoo, ASOS and many MANY more, did a survey recently to celebrate their web launch and asked us - the public - who we thought were the best dressed in the public eye and the worst dressed.

I will get to the results in a mo, but I just wanted to quickly chat to you about and what it is all about and has to offer. Imagine you need a dress for a party and want to be able to browse lots of different brands all at once but haven't got time to nip out on your lunch or after to work to browse the windows in the high street or shopping centre nearby? That's where styleinview comes in. Because it is a search engine website, you can search for what it is you are looking for and then make your way through the results, browsing the many many different high street brands and what they have to offer. All the choice of the high street but at the click of a mouse. Awesome!

So who would you say would be your best dressed style icon out there at moment? Is there anyone who you think always get's it right, time after time no matter how many times we see them in public?


Well, according to the poll our favourite style icon is none other than Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Known as the 'peoples princess' Kate has a simple, classic, yet young and fresh take on fashion. She keeps her outfits elegant, colourful and fun with simple, beautiful accessories. During her pregnancy she couldn't put a foot wrong and caused uproar on the sales racks whenever she was pictured in a stylish high street maternity dress.

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If you are a fan of Kate's style and want to recreate her look, you can do so by following the link HERE.


Second in the poll was the ultimate fashionista herself Victoria Beckham. She has become a well respected fashion designer and model in her own right and always looks super sleek and stylish whenever she is pictured out and about. Her signature looks to me are pencil skirts and dresses or super skinny jeans and sky high heels.

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If you are a fan of Victoria's style and want to recreate her look, you can do so by following the link HERE.


The lovely Cheryl Cole was number three in this style poll. The pop songstress mixes glamour and fashion keeping her wardrobe looking stylish but young and with a hint of  naughty thrown in every now and then for good measure. Add to that her enviable flowing locks and it isn't hard to see why us mere mortals want to emulate her style!

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If you are a fan of Cheryl's style and want to recreate her look, you can do so by following the link HERE.

 They are the top three in the poll, what do you think? Do you agree? I must admit, even though Kate and I have very different wardrobe tastes I absolutely love her style! I can see why she was voted the best dressed and why people want to wear what she is wearing - she did marry a prince too after all!

I would love to know your thoughts on the top ten best (and worst) dressed celebrities. I must admit I am a bit surprised as to some of the celebs who made it onto the best dressed list but I definitely agree with the top three!

What about you?


1. Kate Middleton
2. Victoria Beckham
3. Cheryl Cole
4. Kate Moss
5. Kelly Brook
6. Lady Gaga
7. Rihanna
8. Zooey Deschanel
9. Amy Childs
10. Cara Delevigne


1. Katie Price
2. Jodie Marsh
3. Madonna
4. Kerry Katona
5. Nicki Minaj
6. Kim Kardashian
7. Carol Vorderman
8. Britney Spears
9. Katy Perry
10. Tulisa Contostavlos

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