Friday, 9 August 2013

This weekend.

The wedding season seems to be upon us. Tonight we have a wedding reception to attend and then next week have a wedding (and of course their reception) to attend then another reception to dash to and catch the last hour of later that night. I am not complaining though, I do love a good wedding!
This morning I had to get my hair and make up done ready for tonights family do as we are picking my in laws up at half 4 to make our way there (It is in Cambridge which is about an hour and a half away tops but due to Friday rush hour, could take longer) We also want to get there in good time and be able to grab a bite to eat somewhere first seeing as it will be rush rush rush straight from work. It was funny to think that my party make up was all done and ready for celebrations tonight by 8am this morning when the bride would have probably only been having breakfast and not even considered starting her make up yet!
My hair was let down by the rain as soon as I stepped outside my front door this morning so took it as a sign that maybe I should put my hair up later. Hate having limited time to do my hair though as I like to get quite involved! When it has been rained on it feels a bit manky when it dries though I think, due to the products on it. I hope everyone has lovely weekend plans! I must admit I am very much looking forward to my family fllled weekend of celebrations (and then a rest day all days Sunday!).
The sun is showing it's face now too, yay!

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