Monday, 19 August 2013

Guest Post: Too Old to Blog?

I’m Jane, and I blog at Is That You Darling. I’m excited to be guest posting for the lovely Nicki today, we’re both Essex Bloggers and she’s one of a small group of bloggers I have actually met in person!

Getting older isn't something I have ever let bother me. Hearing someone say that they are scared of getting old puzzles me, because it’s inevitable. There’s nothing you can do about your birthday coming around again; the sun rises and sets, and when that has happened enough times, you are going to find yourself another year older. The alternative to getting old (presuming you haven’t discovered the Philosopher's Stone, and with it, the secret of immortality), is to die young, and I think that a few wrinkles and grey hairs is definitely preferable to that for most people.

Having said all that, I am thirty years old, and will celebrate my 31st birthday in less than three months. I have no problem with this; there are people who are younger than me, and there are people who are older. But as I glance at the ‘About Me’ section of all the various blogs I read, I have to conclude that I am older than a lot of the bloggers out there.

Most of the bloggers on my feed or bloglovin’ feed are probably in their early to mid-twenties (I say this without having done any proper research; I follow too many blogs for that!). I know that there are more mature bloggers out there, but they tend to be the family bloggers; the ones with children who are blogging about family life and reviewing the products that make their lives easier, but have no relevance to me whatsoever! 

So it’s clear that my spiritual blogging home is with the younger bloggers; those who review the latest One Direction lipstick, or do an outfit post with a great bargain from Primark. If I’m identifying with these bloggers, am I trying to hang onto a time in my life that was over at least eight years ago? In short, am I too old to blog? 

The honest answer to that, for me, is no, of course not! I might not be as young and trendy as the 22 year old who is wearing that latest blogger must-have, but in all honesty, I wasn’t all that trendy when I was younger either, so I don’t think it makes that much difference that I am probably eight or ten years older than many bloggers out there.

Besides, as blogging goes from strength to strength, those younger bloggers are getting older too, and new youngsters are coming through. There’s room for all of us in this crazy world of blogging, and I like to think that my age allows me to bring something a little bit different to the table. 

For me, one of the most important things about blogging is that it allows me to write, and that is what I love to do. So I’m sure I’ll be sticking around for years to come; I’ll probably be fifty and still writing about my days out! 

Thank you Jane! If you enjoyed Janey's post you can read many more over at her blog - 


  1. Your certainly not to old ! Now you've got me worried as i've got nearly ten years on :)
    Some of my fave blogs are written by younger people and some written by older people and i find them all relevant and interesting.So keep on blogging. :)

    1. Lovely comment Shazza, I think so long as you have a passion for writing it stands out in your blog and people will enjoy your words. Not everyone can relate to an 18 year old blogger and not everyone can relate to a 40 year old blogger....or alternatively it is quite nice to read about someone of a completely different age living a completely different life.

      Janey's blog is great so I agree, keep on blogging!


    2. Thanks for commenting Shazza - I definitely think that there's room for everyone in this world of blogging, and I don't intend to stop because of another candle on the birthday cake!

      Thanks to you as well Nicki :)

  2. Oh my word, you have struck a chord with me in the post. I too, feel the EXACT same way? I always feel too old to blog sometimes, just because I see these much younger, much more stylish, trendier new kids on the block. But, I conclude that people MUST be interested in what we are saying as the stats would show? Here's to a glorious year of blogging!
    Rebecca xxx


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