Sunday, 22 September 2013

Autumn Maternity Wishlist

I'm not planning on going overboard with maternity wear and buying a whole new wardrobe mainly because once baby is here I will be wanting to get back to my pre pregnancy weight (in a sensible time frame of course, not within a week a la most celebs). A lot of the over sized jumpers I bought in the sale last winter will come in handy this winter because they will go over bump nicely but I do want to add a few key trends to my wardrobe so I still feel funky and fashionable and not frumpy, which I currently do feel! I am wearing the same old things as I am limited to what I can comfortably wear. Bump is only teeny at the mo but it is big enough for my comfiest jeans not to be comfy to be in anymore so I literally recycle the same dresses week in and week out at the mo. 

That's enough feeling sorry for myself though, I will put my violin away now.

My plan is to have a little teeny splurge in a month or so when bump is a bit bigger and when I get a feel for what trends I want to partake in but I have already started having a little browse online at the different maternity outfits out there now to get an idea of what I want.

Here are some items that have caught my eye!!

ASOS Maternity smock dress: £36.00

As we all know, punk and tartan is very IN this AW13 which excites me muchly as I am a massive fan of this look! When I spotted this dress in the ASOS range I fell in love and feel it is going to have to be a MUST HAVE in my wardrobe over the cold months, covering up my ever growing bump in a stylish - on trend - way. Gimme! What's more, as with most trends, once the season is finished you are totally over that look so once my pregnancy is over it will be Spring and on to the next trend. Perfick!

NEW LOOK Maternity City scene casual top £19.99
As it will be cold throughout my pregnancy, I want tight, clingy tops that keep me warm and are comfy. This one from New Look is perfect for that and I really like the design on the front adding a funky touch. Just add some comfy boots, a thick scarf, woolly hat and I will be good to go!

NEW LOOK Maternity Navy Stripe Top £9.99
I never stop loving nautical and stripes so love this cute top. Perfect with a chunky cardy and my hair all scraped up casually in a bun on those Autumnal days where the shine is shining brightly and it doesn't feel so cold.

TOPSHOP Maternity Bird Tee £16
As you can see, casual is very much the theme I am going for in my pregnancy! I love a funky tee and this one from Topshop is no exception, It'll go great with maternity jeans or under a skater skirt and after pregnancy I would still wear it over sized once the weight has gone when I have 'casual' days or 'fat' days.

TOPSHOP Maternity Mesh Yoke Dress £29
I keep being drawn back to this Topshop dress and think I will wait to see if it goes on sale sometime soon. I love that it is bright and bold and think it'll go wonderfully with tights and boots and chunky jewellery and after baby is born and the days are getting a bit more spring like, It will be great then too with sandals and bare legs. 

What do you think of my choices?

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