Thursday, 19 September 2013

Do I keep or get rid of the Ombre?

EXCUSE THE SELFIE: My current hair do.
I am quite a fan of a revamp. I get very bored of my hair or 'look' very easily so after a while find myself looking for something new to inspire me style wise whether it is just wearing my make up differently or having a fringe cut in, most commonly it is changing my hair colour. I have spoken before about my hair history, I am not a stranger to a pair of plastic gloves and a home dye kit but lately, because of having ombre hair I haven't needed to keep up with roots or felt the need to 'freshen up' my colour for months now and I must admit I have really enjoyed it!

I have dyed my hair one way or another since I was about 16 so my hair has definitely been grateful for the break and it is the healthiest it has been in a very long time. The dyed part of my hair now sits below my jawline which shows me how fast my hair has actually grown in the two years since it was coloured for my wedding. (I used the Loreal ombre kit on the colour to make it more of a 'block' colour but just coloured from where the wedding colour started halfway down my head) I'm now starting to think the colour is looking a bit flat and dull and want my hair to look much more vibrant and shiny. Despite it being recently cut and having nice blunt ends I still feel they look dry and in need of new life and can't help but think it is time to get rid of the blonde ends. I don't want to put more blonde on the end for worry of damage so it seems to me that the only route to go is darker! My thoughts are to find a colour as close to my natural colour as possible so I don't have roots after three weeks and so I don't have to keep plastering dye on my hair which can work out costly. I want to keep it as dye free as possible to keep it growing quick and healthily. I want it to stay glossy and soft as it has been, I just want to have shiny ends now too!

Anyone else thinking about taking the plunge this Autumn / Winter and dying their hair?



  1. Ooh I don't know! I love your hair (jealous face) and love the ombre look but I've never seen you with a block colour so I'm not sure... I'd say keep it ombre for now... maybe... or maybe not... xx

    1. I've seen some hair dye by Loreal that is close to my natural colour and think I am going to get it! It is on offer 2 for £10 too so feel it is a sign! just feel the blonde is so washed out and drab now!! :) xx


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