Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My first Maternity OOTD

So here we are then, my first few maternity purchases were made this weekend so I can share an outfit post with y'all now! Bump is only small at the mo but even so, jeans (even my super soft Topshop LEIGH jeans) are just a no no now! They still do up but feel so uncomfortable when I'm sat down in them, imagine what it feels like wearing jeans when your tum is super bloated, it feels like that! painful because they are digging into your belly.
Because I had a wobble about the fact I seem to be recycling the same few dresses over and over to wear lately and felt frumpy my lovely hubby treated me to some maternity jeans. They are of course Topshop as they seem to be the only jeans that fit my skinny legs well. I tried them on to make sure they fitted with room to grow and they do and are SO COMFORTABLE! The waist band is so thin too so once you have a top on you would never know they are maternity jeans.
On Monday night we went out for dinner with friends for a birthday so I wore them with a lace top I already own, my fave GWENDA blue court shoes and a blazer I have had years too. It was nice to get dressed up, do my hair and put on glam make up on a Monday!
Because bump is only small I feel as though I just look tubby. I bought some jeggings too the other day which are maternity so have room for me to grow but right now I am wearing them with big tops because I feel as though I look like I have eaten one too many cakes and shouldn't be wearing tight bottoms! Give it time though and I know that will change!

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  1. You look lovely and not at all podgy! Can't wait to see how you style your bump over the coming months! xx


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