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Monday, 2 September 2013

My Oh Miley!

TWERK: Miley Cyrus performing at the VMA's with Robin Thicke.*

I know it has been a week since Miley Cyrus made headlines for all the wrong reasons due to her VMA performance with Robin Thicke in which she co performed his hit single 'Blurred Lines' but it has taken me that long to cave and watch the clip of it on YouTube to see what all the fuss was about.

I have to say after the amount of articles I have read about it, the uproar it caused and Twitters reaction to the 'shocking' performance I didn't actually think it was that bad! The performance looks much more 'X - rated' and 'Raunchy' if you just read an article about it and studied the photo's.

I'm not condoning it, I still think someone needs to have a little word in her ear about the whole thing mainly because she looked a bit desperate and sadly took the focus off of her vocal performance but I honestly think there are other artists out there who have performed more risque routines.

Miley can sing and she can dance AND she can do both at the same time, she is a good performer. Unfortunately she is one in a long line of former child stars who desperately want to shed their 'wholesome' image and prove they are a 'grown up'. While stars such as Rihanna and Beyonce can be sexy without compromising their perforance and the whole reason they are on stage to begin with, Miley - bless her  - just looked like a little girl screaming 'look at me! look how grown up I am!'

As a former teenage girl I can remember that feeling of wanting to be taken seriously as an adult. You chop and change so much as a teenager, go in and out of fashion fads or in and out of music tastes while you're trying to find who you are. When you reach around 20 (Miley's age) while yes, you are legally and physically an adult there are still so many changes to go through. I am not the same person now that I was at 20, Thank god too! You are still very naive yet you are suddenly allowed to make all your own decisions and do as you wish which can kind of (and mostly does) end up with the wrong decisions being made. How many of us can remember our behaviour as a 20 year old and look back now and think 'EEEK What was i thinking?!' I know I do! Things I used to say, my diet, the way I did my make up. There were many things I got wrong even if I didn't quite know it at the time.

A twenty year old is just a teenager in different packaging, albeit slightly deceptive grown up packaging.

Now imagine being that twenty year old on the world wide stage. Imagine discovering this new found independence and not quite knowing what to do with it. The world is suddenly your oyster and there isn't anybody around who can tell you 'No' anymore (well to some extent). What do you do with all of this freedom? How do you show the world that you mean business? Add to that the fact that they have lots of money earned from being a teen star that is suddenly theirs to spend as well as various different glamorous and amazing opportunities knocking at their door and your mind goes into melt down. You can understand why so many go off the rails! Imagine being a 20 year old who just wants to party with all that opportunity and wealth!

I have no doubt that Miley is happy to rock this very provocative new image what with the racy near naked photo shoots as well as this supposedly sordid dance routine yet I can't help but wonder what is being said to her behind the scenes. If she is being told she will make more headlines if she acts that bit more slutty, if she is being told to shed her 'good girl' image when she gets out there and to show the world the 'new' Miley. A young star intent on making a big impression on the music world who is full of adrenaline ready to perform will probably do anything. You listen to anyone at 20 because you don't have any reason to distrust their reasoning or any experience of being used.

All that aside, I can't help but also wonder; why isn't Robin Thicke getting more aggro for his part? I read a statement his mum had made regarding the whole thing which made me howl with laughter! It screamed ' My little prince did no wrong' when actually her 36 year old married son is a bit more to blame in my eyes. At 28 I would feel too old to have a child provocatively dancing around me let alone at 36. He should know better and should perhaps have said he either wanted to perform with someone else or tone it down. He knew it would cause a stir, he knew it would make headlines and that if there were anyone out there who hadn't heard of him, they would have done now. He completely used the situation. People were writing about his 'poor wife' who would have been watching and how uncomfortable it would have been for her but I really doubt it. She isn't daft either, she knows how the business works and besides that, has she - or his mother for that matter - seen the music video for 'Blurred Lines'?

I am not blaming Robin Thicke or saying he is a bad person, he did what everyone in that business does, chased headlines to gain recognition. He didn't force Miley Cyrus to rub his crotch with a foam finger, he didn't hold a gun to the head of the girls who appeared in his music video. He is in a business where sex sells but only sex in the female form.

That is why Miley also could have gone down this route. So many music stars promote their work with their sexuality, sex sells after all. I think Miley just went a bit too over the top that she didn't look sexy she just looked a bit silly. Especially poking her bloody tongue out every five seconds, she looked like I do when I'm trying to pull up a snug pair of jeans and am having some trouble.
One thing has been achieved which was the aim of all of those involved and that is that they made headlines. What a shame though that Miley feels she has to act so cheap to promote her work and gain recognition in a whole new form. The same could be said of many stars though.

*Photo Source: Mirror.co.uk

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  1. This is spot on! I agree that there are plenty of other artists who have raunchy stage routines but she did just come across as a bit desperate and too try-hard. I've got no doubt there were plenty of people in the background advising her to go down this route though, and if nothing else they probably did achieve their goal of getting absolutely everybody talking about her. It's sad that that's what it takes to get noticed these days though! xx


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